DJ Srle "Tribute to JOOF Recordings"


Jan 4, 2011
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After much years of participation and follow-up stage and electronic music in Belgrade, as a promoter and a regular visitor,i decided to raise my love for music at a senior level ... and the story had started.

Alpha Centauri Organization was created by 3 young DJs at the begining of 2009.
Nikola Gasic(Sonic Entity)Vid Marjanovic and Srdjan Savic.
Our vision was to rise up consciousness of trance people in Serbia, and bring them good vibrations through the quality electronic music. Genres of music that you can find on our events was Ambient,Chill Out,Progressive Trance,Psychedelic Trance,Goa Trance...

Our parties have been recognized as a high quality events...such as Andromeda & Chromosome LIVE party at Belgrade that year.Probably,the best party in 2009 year at Belgrade.

Following European and World music scene, as a result of successful co-operation with Chaotic Beats we have introduced some of today’s most eminent names from Progressive and Psy Trance music in Serbia.
Unfortunately,the organization has stopped with work ar february 2010,after our last party with Allaby from Nano Records UK.

But,ocupation for electronic music was never gone,and all three members have continued to be engaged in electronic music...
Today, I am trying to introduce people to good music in my mixes and rare performances.
Music that you can hear in my sets vary from Ambient,Chillout through Progressive Trance and finally Psychedelic Trance...

DJ Srle - Tribute to JOOF Recordings

1.Faithless - Sun To Me(John Fleming & Digital Blondie Rmx)
2.00.db - Solomate
3.Liquid Soul - Devotion(Nicholas Bennison Rmx)
4.John Fleming & Digital Blondie - Oxygene(Original Mix)
5.John 00 Fleming - Nervous Breakdown(Wizzy Noise Rmx)
6.John Fleming - Rasa Lila(part 1 original mix)
7.Steve Birch - See Through(original mix)
8.The Digital Blondie - Trina
9.John 00 Fleming and Cristopher Lawrence - Beyond The Limit(Jay Selway Rmx)
10.Nicholas Bennison - Turbomachinery(John Flemimg and The Digital Blondie Rmx)
11.Terrafusion - Numen Martis
12.John 00 Fleming and The Digital Blondie pres.00.db - Twister(original mix)
13.Prosper - On Wheels
14.Prosper - Atlantic

equipment:2 x cd100 & djm600
size : 216.18 MB
quality : 320kbps
bpm range : 134-142
style : Trance/Progressive

download links :
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I am downloading this set as of now and looking at the tracklist I know this J00F Records special set is gonna be B00M-Bastic :megacrazy:
thank you very much for downloding this set. :)

visit my blog for more mixes,i will upload new music very soon.