Dj Superior presents Energetic Field 003

Dj Superior

May 28, 2006
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Ok, set 003... This will be live June 18th from 9pm ---> 10pm (GMT+1)
In us and cannada EST time that will be 3pm --- 4pm :)

This week its some nice chilly summer tunes and some energetic tunes aswell as new tunes! This week is also worth hearing.. Make sure too tune in at 9pm

Tracklist will be posted in realtime during the show!

01. Mirco De Govia - Final Emotion (Radio Edit)
02. Adam Nickey - Forgotten Island
03. Cranberries - Shatterd (Artic Quest Remix)
04. Solex - Close to the edge (Dogzilla vs vs Michael Woods Remix) <--- Tune of the week
05. Orjan - Artic Globe (Original Mix - Reconstruction)
06. Primer - Skywalker
07. Adam Sheridan - Solus (Adams After Dark Remix)
08. Smith & Pledger - White
09. Mirco De Govia - Vital Spark
10. M.I.K.E - Voices From The Inside (M.I.K.E's progressiva remix)

Link to the mix!

Its really nice with comments and suggestions from you guys, so feel free!

Dj Superior
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w00t... energetic/vocal trancer! Nice TotW!
this is a sick remix from Dogzilla and Michael Wood... Love the energetic and vocal blend
True, he got some skilles!
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Skywalker :) Danjo & Styles kicks ass

Everlast was huuuge imo
yeah, im currently working on a remix of everlast... Loved that song, the fire and ice remix was also nice, but liked the original better :)
ok, finish up with a sweet progressive track from M.I.K.E.

Hope you all enjoyed, and tune in next week also!!