DJ SW@T Promotional Tour Mix 2008 dubstep/dnb


Mar 24, 2008
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DJ SW@T - Promotional Tour Mix 2008 Dubstep/DNB


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1. The Rasta Core (Original Mix) Mac Koall Album: 28 Hours Later/The Rasta Core
2. Whats Your User (Remix) High Rankin Album: Whats Your User
3. Bring It Live (Original Mix) Trillbass Album: Bring It Live EP
4. Bohemian Grove (Original Mix) High Rankin
5. Gunpower Plot (Original Mix) Evol Intent Era Of Diversion
6. 28 Hours Later (Original Mix) Benga Album: Diary of An Afro Warrior
7. Structtured Madness (Original Mix) Dutty Dubz Album: Jah War
8. 26 Basslines (Original Mix) Benga Album: Diary of an Afro Warrior
9. Just a Minute (Subsonic VIP Mix) Ben Sage Album: Just A Minute
10. Faster Honey (Original Mix) Shimon Album: Humanism / Faster Honey
11. Duppy Man (Original Mix) Chase & Status
12. Hunt Man Down (Original Mix)
13. Wide Lens (Original Mix) Ablum: Logistics Wide Lens EP
14. Night (Zinc Remix) Benga, Coki Ablum: Night
15. Aural Exciter (The Sect Remix) Mike Humphries, Glenn Wilson
16. Forum Fannies (Original Mix) Double Zero Album: Forum Fannies / Midnight
17. Crank (Original Mix) Phntasy Ablem: Crank / Backin Time
18. Don't Be Silly (Original Mix) Original Sin Album: Don't Be Silly Cheater Cheater
19. A1 Sound feat. Jimmy Riley (Original Mix) Division One Album: A1 Sound
20. D.N.A VIP (Original Mix) Benga, Coki Album: Night
21. Ladies Night (Vip Mix) Demo,Cease Album: Ladies Night

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