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DJ Vicio pres Vicio's World Ep27


Apr 28, 2007
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Wonderful time to wonderful podcast!! Chicago is a lot better with highs of 70's and lows of 50's. This cheerful, melodic, vocal and banging mix will just blow you away and heat up the atmosphere you are in no matter where you are. Enjoy new hits as these:

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DWND: http://djvicio.podomatic.com/enclosure/2011-03-31T17_33_29-07_00.mp3


1) Mr Pit - Backstage {Prage, Full Version}
2) Artento Divini & DTC - Lift Off [Original Mix]{High Contrast}
3) Pulse - In My World [Urri Fefelove & Abramasi B Mix]
4) Arty feat Tania Zygar - The Wall [Short Edit] {Digitally Enhanced Vol 4}
5) Maciej Panczyk feat Tiff Lacey - Handle me with Care
6) Phynn feat Tiff Lacey - Have a Heart [Mr Pit Remix]{Have a Heart}
7) Blue Tente feat Stine Grove - Let You Go [2011 Version]
8) Kristy Hawkshaw vs Kink Roland - Fine Day [Reloaded Mix]
9) Leven Mervox - Thunder Echo [Original Mix]
10) Lange pres LNG - Harmony Will Kick You in the @$$
BONUS TRACK: Dogzilla - Without You [JOC Nailz Mix]{Paris Music Center}

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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-DJ Vicio