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DJ Vicio pres Vicio's World Ep36


Apr 28, 2007
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Welcome Fans & Newcomers to Vicio's World Ep36!! I am pleased to share with you amazing, new hits from:

1) Alex Robert - Symphonic [Original Mix] :choon:
2) Aimoon - Aimoonia [Original Mix] :choon:
3) Bobina - Lamento Sentimental [Soarsweep Awakening Remix] :choon:
4) Dan Apicella - Writers of Influence [Mike Remix]
5) Imogen Heap - Headlock [Ken Loi Remix]
6) Nadine Coyle - Put Your Hands Up [Armin van Buuren Remix]
7) Lifted feat Angelique - Bergere [Tenishia Mix]
8) James Rae - Back Again [Sly One VS Jurrane's 'Global' Mix]
9) Mark Landragin - Boom or Busted [Original Mix] :choon:
10) Ally Brown - Cranked [F1d0 Remix] :choon:

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You are always welcome to comment, give feedback & request new hits at:

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Cheers and Have an Amazing & Safe Weekend!!

-DJ Vicio