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Dj Villy-Promo Mix [July 2008]

Hello DJ Villy,

Just downloaded Your mix,will listen to it later tonite.
Could You please post tracklist.
Tracklist by DJ Villy Promo Mix (July 2008)

1 Sunlounger feat. Zara - Crawling (Dj Shah rework);
2 Dash Berlin - Till The Sky Falls Down (Dub Mix)
3 Ranucci-and-pelusi-pres-promise-land-move-you-down--ranucci-and-pelusi-mix-
4 Ian Oliver feat. Eastenders - Vino Vino (Lukas Lehmann Remix)
5 DJ_Anna_Lee_Love_in_Rhythm_Original_mix
6 Lissat & Voltaxx Presents Betty Bizarre - I Teach You [DJ Allexander & DJ B Noise Promo Mixx]
7 Djs From Mars - Dirty Mary (Freakadelika Remix)
8 Freakadelika-I Dont Like It (Djs From Mars Lunatic Remix)
9 Mondo - Rock A Little Bit Feat. Pamela Falcon (Vaca Remix)
10 -quivver-surin__original
11 Sidekick - Deep fear [Phobia Club MiX]
Thanks for tracklist, I can see some good "pieces" in it......I'll write feedback today
Good luck!
With Welcome...and thank you...you know if i cant put my mix to the afterhours?

You could ask AH.FM staff about that,I am not authorized to do so:)
But you dont know ho i must to talk?:D

I suppose You could politely ask them to listen to Your mix first and send You feedback first. :grinning:
I wish You all the best and good luck!!!Stay in trance!
Thank's and give to you're friends my mix..Give it my link to download because i need download's...thank you:grinning:...And Just Listen:music:
Thank's and give to you're friends my mix..Give it my link to download because i need download's...thank you:grinning:...And Just Listen:music:

No problems...:grinning:
Good luck!!!!
GOOD JOB,VILLY!!!:grinning:
Just thought I'd throw in some constructive and honest feedback here. I downloaded this mix took a quick listen to it. I got lots of distortion, and the quality seems a bit poor. The choice and position of the track list seems a bit off to me as well. You started off with melodic trance, then moved to some house, then progressive house. There's a certain "flow" that seems to be missing here with the track list and this mix. Some mixes are also a fraction off beat.

Overall though I thought your choice of music was great, just not placed in the mix the right way to give that flow. I think you need to be careful with the distortion in your sets as well, and tighten up the transitions a bit. Try and work that out, and you'll be rocking!

You definitely have an ear for EDM to be a DJ. Just need to "fine tune" your skills a bit more, and I think you'll do really well in the future!

All the best!

Thx..your opinion means alot to me, and ill give the best of me from now on...
I've just deleted another thread with the exact same mix, it's not the first time I've had to do it either and you're received a PM from me regarding this and still you break the rules. Please, don't do it again. Let this thread run its course, and post a new set next month if you wish.
Sorry It was a mistake...I want to delete...but i dont know how...sorry :)