DJ Wiso- Tranceventure 001 (AH application)


Jun 27, 2007
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DJ Name: DJ Wiso
How long you have been a DJ: still upcoming
Style of music played: trance
Bio: DJ Wiso is a bedroom DJ who currently lives in Amman Jordan located in the middle east. DJ Wiso fell in love with trance 4 years ago when he went to his first Rave called distant heat, ever since then, he has been travelling the world going to big events, and raves, meeting local and internation djs, collecting nothing but the best and latest music to trip every cell in your body:music::wow:

1-Markus Schulz feat andy moor- Day Dream (12 mix)
2-cosmic gate- body of conflict cosmic gate club mix
3-Kyau and Albert- Made of Sun (Stephen J kroos Remix)
4-Action Level- Lucky (Original Mix) Current favirote tune :choon:
5-Paul Oakenfold- Southern Sun (Oakey's 2008 remix)
6- Dan Stone- Spinal Chord (Original Mix)
7-B.E.N vs. Digital nature fear Brandon A Godfrey- Save me god (Mannuel Le Saux Remix)
8-Yahel Sherman- Ocean (Michael Tsukerman Remix)
9- Sunshine Live Inc- The sound of revolution

Duration: 1:01:12
File Length: 84
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:loveah:Thank you for taking the time to listen to my set.. feedback appriciated...:loveah:
I grabbed this when you first put it up and forgot where I had DL from. A great set with class choices ( most of which I had not heard before ). Enjoyed it immensely. Thanks a lot my friend .Sorry it took a while..look forward to more of the same.