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Jan 24, 2007
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Hi there!
It's Dj Shy talking to you! :hello:
I'm djing for 5 years...
I'm from Italy and I'm the creator of a Trance show: Waves of Freedom.
I created it in September 2005, after my monthly new york experience: since then I've been carrying on my show getting some good results in these last months (last of the list, the set I'm gonna play for ITALY IN THE MIX on 31st January).

My show was born with a philosophical concept, that is to say the beauty of electronic music. Of course everything goes round Trance music, from the proggy and chilling sound to the harder one. But I don't like beeing fixed on a unique genre, that's why sometimes I'm also spinning progressive house or techno sets....that's why I also like to play sometimes a mixture between several genres, paying attention of course to the right mix of sounds...

I'm posting now some of my recent shows with some playlist, starting from a special edition set where I wanted to sum up some of the best tune of the last years.....

THE MEGAMIX (2hours set)

PHYNN-Solitude [Original mix-Dj Shy short Edit] [In Trance We Trust]
DIGITAL TENSION fest. TALLA 2XLC- Symphony of Tomorrow [Ronski Speed remix- Dj Shy short Edit] [BOSTICH]
PULSER- My Religion [Original mix- Dj Shy Short Mix][ASOT]
LANGE presents FIREWALL- Kilimanjaro [Original mix-Dj Shy short Edit][ASOT]
ST JOHN vs LOCUST-Mind Circles [Original mix-Dj Shy Short Edit][ASOT]
RAPID EYE- Circa Forever [Main Iberian Room mix- Dj Shy short edit][ATCR]
SYSTEM F- Solstice [Original mix- Dj Shy short Edit] [TSUNAMI]
SYSTEM F- Out of the Blue [Original mix-Dj Shy short mix][TSUNAMI][Ouf of Time Tune]
SYSTEM F feat. ARMIN VAN BUUREN- Exhale [Original mix-Dj Shy short Edit] [TSUNAMI]
RIDGEWALKERS feat. EL- Find [Kyau&Albert remix- Dj Shy short Edit][ARMIND]
YOUNG PARISIANS feat. BEN LOST- Jump to Next Train [Kyau&Albert remix- Dj Shy short Edit][EUPHONIC]
DEEP VOICES- Rising [Original mix- Dj Shy short edit][MAXIMAL]
SUNDAWNER- Krystal Dreams [Cosmicman mix- Dj Shy short edit][MONSTERTUNES]
THE MISTERY- Fever [Original mix- Dj Shy short Edit][RR]
ALTITUDE- Sunray [Airwave remix- Dj Shy short Edit][FIVE AM]
8WONDERS- The Morning After [The Thrillseekers remix- Dj Shy short Edit][SOMATICSENSE]
GREEN ATLAS- Circulation [Original mix- Dj Shy short edit][TATSUMAKI]
AGNELLI&NELSON feat. AUREUS- Holding On to Nothing [Original mix- Dj Shy short edit] [XTRAVAGANZA]
FERRY CORSTEN- Right of Way [Original mix- Dj Shy Short Way][TSUNAMI]
M.I.K.E.- Voices from the Inside [Album mix] [CLUB ELITE]
JONO GRANT vs MIKE KOGLIN- Circuits [Jono Grant Deep Rewire- Dj Shy Short Edit] [ANJUNABEATS]
ENDRE- Kollocain [Robert Nickson rmx- Dj Shy Short edit] [ANJUNABEATS]
MMDC- No More Rain [Dj Shane Refill- Dj Shy Short edit] [VANDIT]
DJ TAB- Verso [Original mix- Dj Shy Short Verso] [ANJUNABEATS]
RONSKI SPEED presents SUN DECADE- I'm Alone [Mirco de Govia Dub- Dj Shy Short edit] [ATCR]
ARMIN vs M.I.K.E. - Pound [Original mix- Dj Shy Pounding Short] [ARMIND]
ACTIVE SIGHT- Out of Our Lives [Original mix- Dj Shy Edit] [CAPTIVATING SOUNDS]
T4L- Perfect Blend [Original mix- Dj Shy Short Blend] [ITWT]
MOOGWAI- Viola 2005 [Brisky rmx- Dj Shy Edit] [PLATIPUS]
PAUL VAN DYK feat. WAYNE JACKSON- The Other Side [Original mix- Dj Shy Short Side Edit] [VANDIT]
ICONE- A New Emotion [Original mix- WoF Short edit] [FLUX DELUX]
WILLIAM ORBIT- Barber's Adagio4 Strings [Ferry Corsten remix][WEA][Back to the Claxxix Tune]
FACTORIA- Seven Summits [Original mix- Dj Shy Short edit][ELEVATION]
RALPHIE B- Massive [Mirco de Govia remix- Dj Shy Short Massive] [VANDIT]
THREE DRIVES- Carrera 2 [Nu Nrg remix- Dj Shy Short edit] [VANDIT]
ARMIN VAN BUUREN feat. RAY WILSON- Yet Another Day [Rising Star mix- Dj Shy Short Edit] [ARMIND]
CLOUD69- Seventy Days [Original mix- WoF Short Edit][FOURTY 5]
MOONRUSH- Risky Business [Arc in the Sky remix][FENOLOGY]
MISTERY- Out of the Past [Fred Baker vrs Vincent Gorzcak remix- Dj Shy Short Edit][CAPTIVATING SOUNDS]
PUSH- 'Till we Meet Again [Album mix][BONZAI]

and these are some of my regoular sets: as u can see, I'm not making any trouble if the track are released today or some years me what is important is only to see if a song is nice or doesn't matter the age..... :) and last but not the least, each set has a specific title ...


NU NRG-Illusion [intro mix]
LNQ-Tired [Sunquest remix]
DARREN TATE- Dawn [Original mix]
SUNQUEST- Temptations [Fractal Structure remix]
ODISSEY- Cruise Control [Original mix]
SELU VIBRA- Divine [Carl B remix]
VINCENT DE MOOR- Shamu [Armin van Buuren remix][Back to the Past tune]
3RD MOON-Diving in the Sky [Original mix]
ICONE- Meriva [Original mix]
ABSOLUTE- Seven Sins [Original mix]
RILEY&DURRANT- Toccata [Genix remix ]
DEEP VOICES- Rising [Original mix]
MOONRUSH- Risky Business [Arc in the Sky remix]
CELLEC vs ERSA- Fridays [Sunny Lax remix]
THE THRILLSEEKERS- New Life [Lange remix]
DJ TIESTO- Suburban Train [Original mix][Back in the Past tune]


MISTERY- Mistery [Original mix] [Back to the Claxxix]
U-GO- Nightlife [Delirious remix]
PROJECT MEDUSA vs EXOR- Moonshine [Symphony of Strings remix]
ACTIVE SIGHT- Out of our Lives [Original mix]
FACTORIA- The Seven Summits [Original mix]
SEAN TYAS- Here We Go [Original mix]
DEEP VOICES- Rising [Original mix]
PAUL VAN DYK- Times of Our Lives [UK Club edit]
FRAGMA- Radio Waves [Ron van den Beuken vocal remix]
RILEY&DURRANT- Toccata [Genix 2006 remix]
JOHN O' CALLAGHAN&GREG DOWNEY- One Way Ticket [Original mix]
SEAN TYAS- Mirella [John Askew remix]
JOHN ASKEW & MATT HARDWICK- Slaves to the Machine [Original mix]
PRIMER- The Silver Line [John O' Callaghan remix]
SOLAR STONE- Seven Cities [V-One Living Cities remix] [Back to the Claxxix]


UNION JACK- Two Full Moons and a Trout [Chab remix]
CHAB feat. JD Davis- Closer to Me [Renaissance mix]
DJ TIESTO- In My Memory [Fade's Sanctuary mix]
CHRIS FORTIER- Despergue [Dub mix]
DELERIUM feat. SARAH MACLACHLAN- Silence [Sanctuary mix]
SWAYZAK- Another Way [Richard Davis rmx]
DEPECHE MODE- Dream On [Bushwacka Though Guy Vocal mix]
MICHAEL THOMAS- Pitch Black Beats [Original mix]
KOSHEEN- Hide U [John Creamer&Stephan K remix]
ROCCO BRANCO- Platzen [Original mix]
GABRIEL ANANDA- Sussholz [Falko Brockenspier remix]
RICHIE HAWTIN aka PLASTIKMAN- Freek [Original mix]
SLAM- This World [Wighnomy Brothers&Robag Wruhme rmx]
ACCADIA- Into the Dawn [James Holden remix][Back to the Claxxix tune]
LOSTEP- Burma [Sasha remix]
DEPECHE MODE- Only when I Lose Myself [Simuck's Breaks mix]
AGE OF LOVE- Age of Love [Jam&Spoon 'Watch out for Stella' mix][Back to the Claxxix Tune]
DER DRITTE RAUM- Halebopp [Raumgleiter mix]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Waves of Freedom!

PAUL VAN DYK feat. ETIENNE- Tell me Why [Club mix][DjShy's Own Remerciement to Pvd tune]
JOHN O' CALLAGHAN- Inquiring Mind [Original mix]
DEEP WIDE-Canyon [Original mix]
INSIGMA- Open your Eyes [Original mix][Back to the Past tune]
TEMPLE 1- Silent Nature [Original mix]
EMOTIONAL HORIZONS- Mayflower [Original mix]
ICONE- Invisible [Original mix] [WoF Short Edit]
ATN- Croudpusher [Original mix]
T4L- Perfect Blend [Original mix]
M.I.K.E. vs ARMIN- Pound [Original mix]
PUSH- Blue Midnight [Original mix]
FACTORIA- The Seven Summits [Original mix]
FRONTLINE- Surface to Air [Original mix]
SYSTEM F- Out of the Blue [Ferry Corsten Second Edition]
SYSTEM F feat. ARMIN VAN BUUREN- Exhale [Original mix][Back to the Claxxix Tune]
BINARY FINARY- 1998 [Gouryella remix][Dj Shy's Gift to Tranceitalia]


EMPIRE STATE- Niagara [Elusive&Spen remix]
PASSIVA- Serenity [Filo&Peri remix]
ST JOHN vs LOCUST- Mindcircles [Original mix]
ACTIVA- Release me [Original mix]
ENVIO- Touched by the Sun [Endre remix]
SOLID SESSIONS- Janeiro [Armin van Buuren remix][Back to the Claxxix Tune]
CHAKRA- Love Shines Through [Danjo&Styles remix]
BOSSANOVA- Stone Cold [Original mix]
DENZEL- Can I Come [Original mix]
ORINOKO- Mama Konda [Joy T-Suko remix]
M.I.D.O.R. -Outback [Original mix]
OCTAGEN vs M.I.D.O.R. - Rush Hour [Original mix]
PHANTOM FORCE- Vaporise [Original mix]
ASTATIC- The Hollow Man [Original mix]
3RD MOON- Moon Breeze [Original mix]
VAN GELDER- Brightsphere [Original mix]
TEMPLE 1- Eternal Light [Original mix]
NU NRG- Take your Air [Original mix] [Back to the Past tune]

VOCODER- The Essential Mix

MARCO V- I feel You (Original mix)
ERNESTO vs BASTIAN-Dark Side of the Moon (Dogzilla Filther remix)
BLANK&JONES- Mind of the Wonderful (Martin Roth remix)
SOLAR STONE- Speak in Simpathy (Mike Shiver Catching Sun remix)
THE ROC PROJECT feat. TINA ARENA- Never (Dj Tiesto remix)
SHOLAN- Can you Feel (The Thrillseekers remix)
RIO KLEIN- Fearless (Push remix)
BOSSANOVA- Stone Cold (Afterburn remix)
AVEN- All I Wanna Do (Ferry Corsten remix)
DEEP DISH- Say Hello (Paul van Dyk remix)
OCEANLAB- Satellite (Original mix)
DELERIUM- Heaven's Earth (Matt Darey remix)
TALLA2XLC feat. ELY- The Air I Breath (Grey&Frost remix)
RANK 1- It's Up To You (Symsonic) (Dumonde remix)


DIGITALIS- Integrity (Original mix)
HIROYUKI ODA- Injection (Original mix)
GOLDENSCAN- Halcyon (Far Away remix)
MIKE KOGLIN- The Silence (Will Holland remix)
CORDEROY- Sweetest Dreams (Ferry Corsten remix) [Back to the Claxxix Tune]
PLASTIC BOY- From here to Nowhere (Original mix)
FIRE&ICE- A New Beginning (Original mix)
FACTORIA- The Seven Summits (DR mix)
RAPID EYE- Santa Cruz (Original mix) [Back to the Past Tune]
FRONTLINE- Surface to Air (Original mix)
TALLA 2XLC feat ELY- The Air I Breath (DITO Novox remix)
ALEX M.O.R.P.H. & TALLA 2XLC- Full Prelude (Original mix)
SALTWATER- Serenity (Alphazone remix)
SA.VEE.OH- Loop Hole (Original mix)
TALLA2XLC- Innocence (Dave 202 remix)
MOTO YAKAMOTO- Puzzle (Original mix)
MOSKWA TV- Generator 7/8 (Master of Disaster Bootleg mix)
KILLIAN & PACO OSUNA- Open (Paco Osuna remix)
E-CRAIG- 1st Time (212 remix)
MICHAEL BURKAT- Interzone (Original mix)
REALISTIC- Infernal Machine (Chris Liebing remix)
AWEX- Adrenalin (Boca remix)
THE GIFT- Love Angel (M.I.K.E. remix)


AIRWAVE- Ubiquity [Original mix]
SELU VIBRA- Divine [Funabashi remix]
JOONAS HAHMO- Fusion [Hawk remix]
RIDGEWALKERS feat. EL- Find [Andy Moor remix]
HUMATE- Love Stimulation [Paul van Dyk Love Club mix] [Back to the Claxxix Tune]
UNION JACK- Two Full Moons and a Trout 2006 [Tektonik^ remix]
RED KARMA vs TOM WOLF- Dying to Survive [Mr. Sam & Fred Baker remix]
DJ FIRE- The Closest Thing to Heaven [Trance mix]
HAITE- Extravagance [Original mix]
MOONMAN- Galaxia [Solar Stone remix][Back to the Claxxix Tune]
SOLAR STONE- 7 Cities [Solar Stone's Liquid mix][Back to the Claxxix Tune]
ABOVE&BEYOND present TRANQUILLITY BASE- Surrender [Original mix]
M.I.K.E. -Turn Out the Lights [Original mix +Outro] [/i][/b]

Lift Off Spirit

FIRE&ICE- Para Siempre (Original mix)
DITO- Iceland (Ice mix)
FIRE&ICE- Samoa (Original mix)
PULSER- My Religion (Lange remix)
ORINOKO- Island (The Thrillseekers club mix) [Back in the Past Tune]
THOMAS DATT- 2v2 (Robert Nickson remix)
ANDRE' VISIOR- Skyline (Arizona remix)
OZONE- Q (Andy Bagguley remix)
SATELLITE- Remembrance (Activa remix)
SEAN TYAS- So far So Near (Original mix)
ANTHONY DEAN & STARLET- Moonchild (Darren round mix)
MATT DAREY feat. MARCELLA WOODS- Liberation 2005 (Factoria remix)
FRONTLINE- Surface to Air (Original mix)
BINARY FINARY- 2000 (JamX&De Leon's Dumonde remix) [Back in the Claxxix Tune]

2006 Best of

part 1

COLDPLAY- Talk (Junkie XL remix)
JOSE' AMNESIA vs LINN- Closer ( Closer in Deep Space mix)
GENIX- Aluna (Cressida Remix)
ANDRE' VISIOR- Skyline (Funabashi remix)
SELU VIBRA- Divine (Funabashi remix)
ABOVE&BEYOND- No One On Earth (Sonorous remix)
AIRWAVE- Sunspot 2006 (Original mix)
JPL- Your Whole Life (Joni Liungqvist remix)
JOONAS HAHMO- The Fusion (Hawk remix)
UNION JACK- Two Full Moons and a Trout 2006 (Tektonik^ remix)
DARREN TATE- Venus (Original mix)
ADAM NICKEY- Perfect Destiny (Original mix part 1)
M.I.K.E. - For Always in my Heart (Original mix)

part 2

M.I.K.E. -Strange World 2006 (Filterheadz Love distortion remix)
M.I.K.E- Voices from the Inside (Album mix)
M.I.K.E.- Salvation (Plastic Boy remix)
LSG- Netherworld (Oliver Prime remix)
RE:LOCATE- Samburu (Original mix)
C.S.I. - Direkt Dizko (Sander Van Doorn remix)
MYSTERY- Out of the Past (Fred Baker vs Vincent Gorczak remix)
SHOCKSTEADY- Take a Ride (Shocksteady's Brazilian Wax mix)
ASKEW&HARDWICK- Slaves to the Machine (Original mix)
JOHN O' CALLAGHAN- Cruise Control (Original mix)
THOMAS BRONZWAER- Shadow World (Original mix)
ALEX M.O.R.P.H. & TALLA 2XLC - Full Prelude (Original mix)
RILEY&DURRANT- Neon Eyes (Scott Mac remix)
STONEFACE&TERMINAL- Venus (Original mix)
MARK SHERRY vs JAMES ALLAN- The Message ((Pd's Dirty Tech-Trance Vocal Mix )

part 3

KAMIL POLNER- Heart of Sun
PASSIVA- Serenity (Filo&Peri remix)
APOLLONIA- Remote Kontrol (Will Holland vs Activa remix)
OZONE- Q (Andy Bagguley remix)
ACTIVA vs MATT ABBOTT- Liquefaction (Under Sun remix)
C-QUENCE - Endorphine (Arizona remix)
FACTORIA- Seven Summits (Original mix)
FRONTLINE- Air Surface (Original mix)
TEMPLE 1- Eternal Light (Original mix)
ICONE- Feeling Sorry (Original mix)
3RD MOON- Diving in the Sky (Original mix)
DEEPVOICES- Rising (Original mix)
SEAN TYAS- Here We Go (Original mix)
ALEX M.O.R.P.H. & WOODY VAN EYDEN feat. KATE PETERS- Heavenly (Instrumental Dub )
ATB- Humanity (Alex M.O.R.P.H. remix)
SOLAR STONE- 7 Cities (Craig Bradley remix)

7200 km

SCOTT BOND + SOLARSTONE - 3rd Earth (Alternative Intro mix)
STEVE BIRCH- Balearic Bay (Club mix)
ADAM NICKEY- Perfect Destiny (part 1) (WoF Favourite Tune)
ABSOLUTE- Now & Ever (Main mix)
FIREWALL- Sincere (Original mix)
KUFFDAM & PLANT feat. TERRYFERMINAL- The Ones we Loved (Dogzilla remix)
AIRBASE- Chamberlain (Original mix)
DAVID FORBES & MALLORCA LEE- 92 Elements (Misja Helsloot presents Traction Control remix)
RANDY KATANA- In Silence (Ron van den Beuken remix)
NOMEN NESCIO- Double 01 (Van Gelder remix)
STEFAN CAMBRIDGE- Enya (Mistery Island remix)
FORCE ONE- Reflection (Original mix)
OCEANLAB- Sirens of the Sea (Kyau&Albert remix)
SUN DECADE- I'm Alone (Stoneface&Terminal Dub mix)
SPIRIT & DAVE- Afterglow (Original mix)
OCEANLAB vrs RONSKI SPEED- E.O.S. /Satellite (Original mix)
PETER DUBS- Cubu (Steve Allen Rework)
SPEEDY J vs THOMAZ & FILTERHEADZ- Sunshine Krekc ( Dj Shy's WoF Mash Up)
ARMIN vs M.I.K.E. - Intruder (M.I.K.E.'s Rework)
ULTRAVIBE- Choose Freedom (Original mix)

So that's a little sample of my show..... :) let me know if u're interested in, and u'll have a preview with the set I'm gonna play on 31st January!
I'm from Italy ..
Italy eh? bene bene..molto bene :biggrin: what I could tell you I assume those are tracklists of your sets and I have to say they look way too damn good...any chance to have a listen to questo caso anche le orecchie vorrebbero la loro parte giusto? lol
Love beyond the stars must be very good to hear,anyway also other
ciao ciao e buona fortuna con Italy in the mix...I see you are the 1st dj playing that day,have a great one
ciao Stella! :)
Nice to c in here people speaking italian ehehehe.....many many thanks to you....if u wish to be updated with my shows just check 'em out into forum, livesets area..... :D or if u have msn, just add me to your contact! :)
......And this is the set I've played into ITALY IN THE MIX event!!

Dj Shy presents WAVES OF FREEDOM


CHICANE- Autumn Tactics (End's of Summer Remix)
RIO ADDICTS- Crossroads (Original mix)
WHIRPOOL- Under the Sun (Markus Schulz Remix)
KALAFUT&FYGLE- 3579 Km (Original mix)
ADAM NICKEY- PErfect Destiny (Part 2) (Original mix)
ENMASS- Needle Damage (Original Mix)
PLASTIC BOY- Twixt 2004 (Original mix)
BOSSANOVA- Stone Cold (Syndique Remix)
SYSTEM F- Solstice (Original mix)

Everyone's interested in...just get the link into LIVESETS @ area, of course, ITALY IN THE MIX thread! :)
some recent episodes!!

Dj Shy presents the first guest episode of his Waves of Freedom show!!


Resident Dj: Dj Shy

MARCO BELLINI & VAL WELLER - Romantic (Original mix)
FERRY CORSTEN - Fire (Ferry's Flashover Mix)
ERNESTO vs BASTIAN - Dark Side of the Moon (Original Extended)
JOHAN GIELEN- Kuredo Express (Original mix)
KYAU&ALBERT - Kiksu (Boom Jinx remix)
JOHAN GIELEN - Physical Overdrive (Original mix)
KYAU & ALBERT - Are you Fine? (Markus Schulz remix)
HAMMER and BENNETT - Language (Original mix)
RIDGEWALKERS feat. EL - Find (Andy Moor remix)
INNER STATE - Changes (Original mix)
PAUL OAKENFOLD - Southern Sun (Dj Tiesto remix) [Back to the ClaXXiX Tune]
AGE OF LOVE - Age of Love (Marco V remix)
ANTIDOTE - Sciabada (Original mix)
SOLAR FACTOR - The Rising Sun (Original mix)

special guest: Canto Dj

1-Leger & Lake-Aqualight

2-Cicada cut right through (Dj Delicious rmx)

3-Leger & Lake-Stripped flower


5-Mason-Bermuda triangle



8-David Amo & Julio Navas vs. D-Nox & Beckers-Memory Cell

9-Misc-B Movie 6 AM

10-Boys Noize-Erole Attakk

11-Johannes Heil-Artology

12-Alter Ego-Transphormer

13-Oliver Koletzki-Yes i can fly (Michael Sarnat rmx)

Dj Shy presents Waves of Freedom:

BREAK IN THE SKY - Essential Mix

Show Resident Dj: Dj Shy

UNKLE/Petter - What are you To Me? /These Days (Sasha-Involver Remix)
SWAYZAK- Another Way (Mathew Jonson Remix)
UNKLE- Reign (Trafik's Stoned Rose Remix)
DARREN RHYS- Lost Soul (Katakana Remix)
PAUL OAKENFOLD - Southern Sun (Original mix)
TILT- Control Me (Album mix)
SONOROUS- Last Sunday (Original mix)
UNKLE- Reign (Way out West Instrumental)
LUSTRAL- Everytime (Way out West Remix)
RANK 1-Breathing (Airwave) (Breaks Dub mix)
C-QUENCE- Endorphine (Hydroid's Breaking Law Remix)
SOLARSTONE vs SIROCCO- Destination (Original Mix)
ENERGY 52- Cafè del Mar (Nalin&Kane remix)

SPECIAL GUEST: Andrea Speed (from Cocoricòclub /Villa delle Rose club Italy)

1 Forteba - Forte
2 Can Costa - Neo Zoolander
3 Eric Prydz - Frankfurt
4 Guy Gerber & Shlomi Aber - After Love
5 Isolee - I owe you
6 Romboy & Bodzin - Miranda
7 Trentemoller - African People
8 Ozgur Can -Mind you Step
9 Blake ft Liza - What
10 Alex Parson & Tommy 47 - Choccolate ...
11 Aquaviva & Luetzenkircken - No fear
12 Dariush & Sam Perez - Across [/i]

Any question/requests/feedback and so on, feel free to do here! :)
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Dj Shy presents the new Guest episode of his WAVES OF FREEDOM show!


Resident Dj: Dj Shy

TASTEXPERIENCE- Tantrix (Original mix) [WoF Magikal Voyage]
SANDER KLEINEMBERG- Venus & Mar (Original mix) [Back to the Past Tune]
SYSTEM F feat. ARMIN VAN BUUREN- Exhale (Sander Kleinemberg Remix)
MATTHEW DEKAY vs PROLUCTORS- What If (Original mix)
GREEN ATLAS- Communication (Original mix)
REMY&KLINKEBERG- 'Till Ya Drop! (Original mix)
PERRY O'NEIL- Wave Force (Original mix)
COSMIC GATE- Analog Feel (Original mix)
KAI TRACID- Follow Me Freely (Original mix) [Back to the Past Tune]
LOLO- Sunset (Original mix)
L.S.G. - Netherworld (Incolumis Remix)
ENERGY 52- Café del Mar (John 'OO' Fleming Remix) [Back to the ClaXXiX Tune]
AIRWAVE- Ladyblue (Original Mix) [WoF Closing Voyage]

Special Guest: ALEX KAITHLANN (T.T.M Member / )

1) SIGNALRUNNERS - Aria Epica (Original Mix)
2) AIRWAVE - People Just Don't Care (Digital Mix)
3) MARK OTTEN - Mushroom Therapy (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
4) MARKUS SCHULZ Feat. CARRIE SKIPPER - Never Be The Same Again (Mike Shiver's Catching Sun Mix)
5) JPL - Ilmola (Leon Bolier Remix)
6) M.I.K.E. - Voices From The Inside (Progressiva Remix)
7) PUSH Vs. GLOBE - Tranceformation (Push Transcendental Vocal Mix)
8 ) BBE - Seven Days And One Week (Ferry Corsten Remix)
9) SUN DECADE- I'm Alone (Stoneface & Terminal Vocal Mix)

If u want to be a guest of my show, just send me a pvt msg! :)
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Dj Shy presents Waves of Freedom:

Essential Selection: Trance Energy part 1 ( 80 min)

Resident Show Dj: Dj Shy

CORDEROY- Sweetest Dreams (Ferry Corsten Remix)
WILLIAM ORBIT- Barber's Adagio 4 Strings (Ferry Corsten Remix)
OCEANLAB- Clear Blue Water (Ferry Corsten Remix)
ABOVE&BEYOND- Far from in Love (Original mix)
ARMIN VAN BUUREN feat. JUSTINE SUISSA- Burned with Desire (Rising Star mix)
RANK 1- Breathing (Airwave) (Original Club mix)
MOOGWAI- Viola (Armin van Buuren Remix)
PUSH- The Legacy (Original mix)
BINARY FINARY- 1998 (Gouryella Remix)
GOURYELLA- Gouryella (Original mix)
MARCO V- Solarize (Original mix)
DJ TIESTO- Suburban Train (Original mix)
U2- Where the Streets Have no Name (Nu Nrg Remix)

Special Guest Show: Matt Darey (Darey Rec/ Nocturnal Radio Show )

01. DYAD10 - Sugar [Sweet Thing] (Tocadisco Remix)
02. Djuma Soundsystem - Les Djinns (Trentemøller Remix)
03. Emjae - Necromancer (Probspot Remix)
04. SignalRunners - Aria Epica (Original Mix)
05. Delerium ft. Isabel Bayrakdarian - Angelicus (Andy Moor Remix)
06. Holden & Thompson - Nothing (93 Returning Mix)
07. José Amnesia ft. Jennifer Rene - Wouldn't Change a Thing
08. Plastic Angel - Call the Galaxy Taxi (Martin Roth's Nu Style Remix)
09. 68 Beats - Replay The Night (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
Dj Shy presents a new episode of WAVES OF FREEDOM:


AIRWAVE- Symphony beneath a Summerstorm (Original mix)
AFTERBURN- Summer Sun (Original mix)
KUFFDAM & PLANT feat. TERRY FERMINAL- The Ones We Loved (Dogzilla Remix)
RIO KLEIN- Fearless (Push Remix)
DJ TOMCRAFT- Silence (Original mix) [Back to the Past Tune]
ABOVE&BEYOND- Surrender (Original mix)
LANGE pres. FIREWALL- Sincere (Pulser Remix)
CELLEC - Fridays (Sunny Lax remix)
FACTORIA- Seven Summits (Original mix)
SOLAR STONE+SCOTT BOND- 3rd Earth (Marco V remix)
JOOP- Another World (Original mix)
MICHAEL BURKAT- So far, So Good (Original mix)
KAMAYA PAINTERS- Wasteland (Original mix) [Back to the Past Tune]
SASHA- Xpander (Original mix)[Back to the ClaXXiX Tune]

n-joy!! :hello:
Dj Shy presents a new Guest Episode of WAVES OF FREEDOM Show!


Resident DJ: Dj Shy

AIRWAVE- Escape To Nowhere (Original mix)
M.I.K.E.- Perfect Blend (Original mix)
L.S.G. –Netherworld (John ‘00’ Fleming Remix)
THE AMBUSH- Acapulco (Original mix)
FILTERHEADZ pres. ORANGE 3- In Your Eyes (Red mix)
HIVER&HAMMER with FUNABASHI- Z.I.T.A. (M.I.K.E.’s Progressiva Remix)
BLOODHOUND GANG- Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kino (The M.I.K.E. remix)
EXPOSURE- Magic Impuls (Fernie 2007 remix)
THE GIFT- The Seventh Day (Main mix)
KENIDEL LOPEZ – Heaven’s Caliber (Manuel Le Saux Remix )
LOST WORLD- A Life Elsewhere (Original mix)
ACTIVA pres. MEKK- Restless (Dark Dub mix)
RONSKI SPEED with STONEFACE&TERMINAL- Incognition (Marc van Linden Remix)
THE GREEN MARTIAN- Harmonic Minor (Original mix)
SIGNUM- Push Through (Original mix) [Back to the Past Tune]
FERRY CORSTEN- Indigo (Passiva Remix)
KAMAYA PAINTERS- Endless Wave (Fernie 2007 Remix)
STEFAN CAMBRIDGE- Enya (Mistery Island Remix)
FREE RADICAL- Surreal (En-Motion remix) [Back to the Past Tune]
MIDWAY- Monkey Forest (Original mix)
BINARY FINARY- 1999 (KayCee Remix) [Back to the ClaXXiX Tune]


ACTIVA-Genetic (Airflow_Edit)
4STRINGS- mainline(4Turntables remix)
DJ EREMIT- Sommernachtstraum (YOMC_Edit)
CJ STONE- Storm (_Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Woody Van Eyden_mix)
DANJO&STYLES- What Lies Ahead_(Original_mix)
DJ RES- 2 Hostess(DavideBomben mix)
DUMONDE vs.JJ- All aboard (Dub Mix)
Marco V- Any Better Or (Original mix)
MAX SAVIETTO- Techno Code (Original mix)
JAMX &DE LEON- Elektrisch_(Mark Sherry’s Outburst Vocal remix)
MR SAM- Split (T4L Vocal Mix)
DJ TIESTO- Lethal Industry 2007
DUMONDE- Tomorrow (Ralph Novell Vs Bas&Ram 2006 Remix)
MAORI- Destruct (Original mix)
WOODY VANEYDEN vs JIMMY H- Y68 (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)

Dj Shy presents WAVES OF FREEDOM


Resident Show Dj: Dj Shy

MOONMAN- Galaxia (Original mix) [Back to the Past Tune]
POLE FOLDER feat. SANDRA FERRETTI- Protected (Madoka Vira Two Remix)
SOLID SESSION- Janeiro (James Holden Remix)
KOSMO KID- Neon Pressure (Haak Remix)
4STRINGS- Take me Away (Into the Night) (Gabriel&Dresden 6 Deep Dub Remix)
ANDAIN- Summer Calling (Gabriel&Dresden Remix)
DJ TIESTO- Nyana (Album mix)
TILT- Twelve (Album mix)
PLANISPHERE- The Lost Planet (Original mix)
TEK TONIK- Shine (Tek Tonik^ Mix)
Mr SAM vs FRED BAKER pres. AS ONE- Forever Waiting (Original mix)
HUMATE- Love Stimulation ( Paul Van Dyk Love Club Mix) [Back to the ClaXXiX Tune]
COSMIC GATE feat. JAN JOHNSTON- I Feel Wonderful (AM 2 PM Edit)

Special Guest Show: Fernie ( (

01. PLANISPHERE : Alize [Green Martian]
02. PLASTIC ANGEL: Call The Galaxy Taxi (Martin Roth Remix) [Afterglow]
03. SERGEI SHKUROFF : Sonar [Five AM]
04. LOST WORLD: A Life Elsewhere (Kimito Lopez Remix) [Captivating]
05. MIIKA : Sparkling Love [Five AM]
06. JONI pres. EXTERNAL ART: Yield [Dark Noize]
07. FERNIE pres. SILHOUETTE: Earth At Night (Catching Dreams Remix) [Aurora Digital]
08. CATCHING DREAMS: Emerald Emotions [Aurora Digital]
09. SIGNUM : Harmonic [Armada]
10. FERNIE : Inceptive [Conspiracy Recordings]

After a long rest I'm back...and my show too!!

hope u will enjoy it!!

The Nightingale

AGE OF LOVE- Age of Love (Watch out for Stella mix) [Back to the ClaXXiX Tune]
LJUNGQVIST & LANSBERG- Chicago (Original mix)
INCOLUMIS- One with Sanctury (Original mix)
SUBSPHERE- Beatitude (Original mix)
JOHAN GIELEN- C me Trippin (Original mix)
ACCADIA- Into the Dawn (James Holden Remix) [Back to the Past Tune]
AZZIDO DA BASS- Dooms Night (Pascal F.E.O.S. Remix)
REMY&KLINKEBERG- ‘Till ya Drop! (Original mix)
M.I.K.E. – Salvation (Valentino Kanzyani jly Remix)
ALEXANDER KOWALSKI- Belo Horizonte (Original mix)
VERCETTI- In Control (Original mix)
ANTIDOTE- Sciabada (Original mix)
LOLO- Because… (Original mix)
DJ FIRE- The Closet Thing to Heaven (Trance mix)
PUSH. Journey Of Life (Rank 1 Remix)
M.I.K.E. – Sunrise @ Palamos ( Sunquest Remix)
CLOUD 69- Sixty Nine Weeks (Original mix)
RAH- Wave (Original Airbase mix)


Resident Show Dj: Dj Shy ( )

MERIDIAN- Reach for the Stars (Original mix)

SONOROUS- Last Sunday (Sonorous Unimatrix Dub)

LIGHTSCAPE- Inner-Warmth ( Original mix)

RALPHIE B- Disclosure (Original mix)

JONO GRANT vs. MIKE KOGLIN- Circuits (Jono Grant Deep Rewire Mix)

FERRY CORSTEN- Sublime (Original Extended mix)

M.I.K.E. – Sunrise@ Palamos (Sunquest Remix)

AYU- Naturally (Wippenberg Club mix Instrumental)

FERNIE- Falling Apart (Original mix)

EXPOSURE- Magic Impuls (Fernie 2007 Remix)

PLASTIC BOY-Silver Bath (Original mix)

ACTIVE SIGHT- Time Goes By (Fred Baker Remix)

CAPE TOWN- Cinema (Ferry Tayle’s Universal Language Remix)

SATELLITE- Remembrance (Activa Remix)

EON- Pocket Damage (Original mix)

ENERGY 52- Cafè del Mar (Marco V Remix)[Back to the ClaXXiX Tune]

PUSH- Universal Nation (Original mix)[Back to the ClaXXiX Tune]

Special Guest Dj: Menno de Jong (from Intuition Show/ || )

DJ TIESTO – Ten Seconds Before Sunrise (Album Version) [Magik Muzik]

DUDERSTADT feat. ANITA KELSEY – Smile (Vocal Mix) [Afterglow]

DELERIUM feat. ISABEL BAYRAKDARIAN – Angelicus (Andy Moor Remix) [Nettwerk]

SUMMER SESSIONS feat. TIFF LACEY – By My Side (Signalrunners Club Mix) [Fraction]

ID – ID [Intuition Rec.]

OCTAGEN & HYDROID – Within [Motion]

ID – ID [Intuition Rec.]

ALBERT VORNE – Ares (Mac Zimms Remix) [Club Elite]

ALI WILSON & MATT SMALLWOOD – Evissa Twilight (Paul Janes Darkroom Dub) [Tekelec]

COSMIC GATE – Element Of Life [Black Hole]

enjoy it! :hello:
Dj Shy presents a new Waves of Freedom episode


ENERGY 52 vs. MARCO V- Cafè:del/mp3* (DjShy's Bootleg)
ENERGY52 vs MARCO V- Godd's Cafè(DjShy'S Bootleg)
JOHN ASKEW- Mood Swing (Original mix)
JOHN ‘O CALLAGHAN- Space & Time (Original mix)
RONSKI SPEED with STONEFACE&TERMINAL- Incognition ( Marc van Linden Remix)
AIRBASE- One Tear Away (Original mix)
AIRAFORCE- Topside (Original mix)
MANNIX- Mercury (Arizona Remix)
CHAKRA- Love sShines Through (Danjo&Styles Remix)
OCEANLAB- Satellite (Above&Beyond Mix)
APEX- Virtuoso (Factoria Instrumental Mix)
O’ CALLAGHAN & KEARNEY- Exactly (Original Mix)
STEVE MORLEY- Reincarnations (JamX & DeLeon’s Dumonde Remix)
BENICIO- Don’t Explain (Hard edit )
THREE DRIVES vs TOMAZ vs FILTERHEADZ- Sunshine on Greece 2000 (DjShy’s Dj Montana vrs Original mix Bootleg)
THOMAZ vs FILTERHEADZ vs SAM SHARP- Sunshine Hoover (DjShy's Mash Up)
GOURYELLA-Gouryella (Original mix) [Back ot the ClaXXiX Tune]

njoy!!! :) :hello:
Last edited:
Dj Shy presents a new Waves of Freedom Show


BT vs PAUL VAN DYK- Flaming June (Original mix) [Back to the ClaXXiX Tune]

MR SAM&FRED BAKER feat. TIM COLTRANE pres. THE TRIBUTE- One More Day (Original mix)

INSIGMA- Insigma (Club mix)

ABOVE&BEYOND- Good For Me (Above&Beyond Club Mix)

ZIRENZ- Utopia (Original Mix)

PLANISPHERE- Solarism (Ferry Tayle Universal Language Mix)

AIRWAVE- Trilogique (Ferry Tayle For An Angel Remix)

RANK 1- Airwave (Rank 1 vs Dutch Force Remix)[Back to the ClaXXiX Tune]

EXTREME TRAX- So Lonely (Original Mix)

LEON- Passionate (Fire & Ice Remix)

SINEAD O’ CONNOR- Troy (Push Remix) [Back to the Past Tune]

COSMIC GATE- Consciousness (Original mix)

AIRA FORCE- No One Knows (Original mix)

JOHN O’ CALLAGHAN- Space & Time (Original mix)

ACTIVE SIGHT- Time Goes By (Sindrome Edit )

AROUSE DREAM- Sensation (Original mix)

O’ CALLAGHAN & KEARNEY- Exactly (Original mix)

TALLA2XLC- Carry Me (Club Mix)

MARIO LOPEZ- The Sound of Nature (Plug’n’ Play Remix)[Back to the Past Tune]
Dj Shy presents a new GUEST MIX episode of its Waves of Freedom Show!


Resident Dj: Dj Shy (

YOUNG PARISIANS- Jump to Next Train (Slow Train mix)
YOUNG PARISIANS feat. BEN LOST- Jump To Next Train (Kyau & Albert Remix)
APEX- Virtuoso (Mark Sherry Public Domain Remix)
RE:LOCATE feat. THOMAS BRONZWAER- Jetstream (Original mix)
BRISKY & COLEMAN- Heaven’s Tears (Firestorm Remix)
SUN DECADE- I’m Alone (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
DELERIUM feat. SARAH MACLACHLAN- Silence (Above & Beyond’s 21st Century Remix)
ACTIVE SIGHT- The Search for Freedom (Original mix)
M.I.K.E. – Salvation (Plastic Boy Remix)
T4L- Perfect Blend (Original mix)
GOURYELLA- Tenshi (Transa Remix) [Back to the Past Tune]
SYNDIQUE- Lost Thoughts (Envio Remix)
ASTUNI & LE SAUX- Faith (Original mix)
FACTORIA- Seven Summits (Original mix)

Special guest DJ: Albert Vorne ( / / )

7. MAOR LEVI "REFLECT" ( Original mix)
9. SANTIAGO NINO "MOTION" (Original mix)
Dj Shy presents a new Waves of Freedom episode!

Neverending Melodies

ABOVE & BEYOND – Good For Me (Jumpy Edit )

DIGITALIS - Integrity (Original mix)

DEEP WIDE- Canyon (Original mix)

AIRWAVE – Trilogique (Ferry Tayle For an Angel Remix)

ADAM NICKEY- Perfect Destiny (Part 1 )

CORDEROY- Sweetest Dreams (Greg Murray Vocal mix)

SELU VIBRA- Divine (Carl B Remix)

ASTUNI & LE SAUX- Faith (Original mix)

MATTI LAMAANEN- Flakes (Original mix) [Back to the Past Tune]

DJ TIESTO feat. CHRISTIAN BURNS- In the Dark (Carl B Remix)

HIVER & HAMMER and FUNABASHI- Z.I.T.A. (Rehnmark Remix)

M.I.K.E. - Voices from the Inside (Album mix)

FILO AND PERI feat. FISHER- Ordinary Moment (Breakfast & Big Mike Remix)
Dj Shy presents a new episode from Waves of Freedom Show


Resident DJ: Dj Shy (

FUNK D’VOID versus CHICCO SECCI- Emotional Content (Funk d’void Remix)

MICHEL DE HEY vs GROOVEYARD- Compound ( Peter Horrevorts Remix)

NATHAN FAKE- Outhouse (Valentino Kanzyani Remix)

R-TEM – Over (Original mix)

MEDWAY And SVEN HAUCK – Amonamen ( Matt Rowan & Jaytech Remix)

O.C. – Illusions ( Original mix)

LEAMA&MOOR- Distance Between us (Original mix)

ABOVE & BEYOND- No One On Earth (Sonorous Remix)

MARKUS SCHULZ vs CHAKRA – I Am (Original mix)

GALORE – The Other Way Around (Original mix)

SIED VAN RIEL- My Dreams (Miika Kuisma Remix)

TIESTO- Ten Seconds Before Sunrise (Original mix)

ACTIVE SIGHT- Take the Day As It Comes (Original mix)

FILO AND PERI feat. FISHER- Ordinary Moment (Breakfast & Big Mike Remix)

LUSTRAL – Everytime (Mike Koglin Remix) [Back to the ClaXXiX Tune]

LOLO- Extended Horizon (Original mix)

ARMIN VAN BUUREN feat JUSTINE SUISSA- Burned With Desire (Ronski Speed Dub)

LANGE pres. FIREWALL- Kilimanjaro (Original mix)

ALIBI- Eternity (The Thrillseekers Remix) [Closing Voyage Tune]

Special Guest: Chris Raynor ( )

01 - Santiago Nino - Motion (Static Blue And Ferk Edit)

02 - Dave 202 - Rain against her

03 - Emotional Horizons - Autumn (Jon Obir Rmx)

04 - Aled Mann - Cause & Effect (Original Mix)

05 - Hiroyuki Oda - Rise

06 - Hiroyuki Oda - Cataract

07 - Robert Nickson - Helix

08 - Six Senses pres. Xposure - Niagara (Aly and Fila Rmx)

09 - Volition presents Evolver - Evolver 2007 (Selu Vibra Mix)

10 - Activa vs Tom Colontonio - Enlighten (Lawrence Palmer Rmx)

11 - Sean Tyas - Candida (Terk Dawn Mix)

12 - N2o - Territory (Original Mix)

13 - Majai - Lightwave (Airbase Dub Mix)

14 - Tom Daynes - Breathe (Firestorm Rmx)

15 - Steve Allen presents Arca - First Impression (Original Mix)

16 - Blue Manta - See the Light (Firestorm Rmx)

17 - Bissen feat Victoria Jane - Melting (Alex M.o.r.p.h. b2b Woody Van Eyden Rmx)

18 - Nitrous Oxide - Orient Express
Dj Shy presents Waves of Freedom:


Resident Dj: Dj Shy ( )

SE.RA.PHIC- After the Last Breath (Epic Version )

AUDIOPLACID- Watch The Sunrise (Astuni & Le Saux Remix)

AMEX vs SAINT RUSH- Distant Worlds ( Original mix)

SUNQUEST- Journey into Nowhere ( Original mix)

ANGELSTYLE- Insider (Original mix)

POLO- Whiteglow (Oliver Carr Remix)

ARMIN VAN BUUREN – Precious (Original mix)

LOLO- Melody (Original mix)

CARL B- All Day (Original mix)

KYAU vs ALBERT – Save Me (Hiver & Hammer’s Ground Control Remix)

M.I.K.E. –Innerlife ( Original mix )

THOMAZ vs FILTERHEADZ- Sunshine (Carl Cox Remix)

BANDO vs THE ADVENT- Don’t You Try Playback ( Dj Shy Hardgroovin Mash Mix)

BANDO- La Ultima ( Michael Burkat Remix)

PUSH- Universal Nation (Oliver Lieb Remix) [ Back to the Past Tune]

DJ ASTRID- Starfever (Original mix)

IAN BETTS & OCEANFORCE- Polarise (Factoria Remix)

FERRIN & LOW- Breeze (Original Mix)

BINARY FINARY- 1999 (Matt Darey Remix) [Back to the ClaXXiX Tune]

DUMONDE meet DAVE 202 – Singularity (Dumonde Remix)

Special Guest: Robert Gitelman (from Club 99)( ||| )

01. first ascent- sagarmatha (bitter lemon)
02. miley- rain
03. airbase- roots
04. neal scarborough- madagascar
05. r&y meets jan johnson- it's cold out side (dazzlesriel rmx)
06. underworld- born sloppy (mix 2007)
07. regi feat. scala- I fail (extended)
08. bas & ram meets massimo nocito- trancesetterz
09. michael tsukerman- are you mad (phatt remix)
10. vincent de moor- flowtation 2007 (roy gates remix)
11. c-base- superstring
12. mike foyle- hex (polymentel mix)
dj Shy presents a new episode of Waves of Freedom:


PSYCHIC HARMONY – Mystic Force ( Original mix ) [ Back to the ClaXXiX ]

SOLAR STONE vs SIROCCO- Destination ( Original mix )

HYDRA- Affinity ( The Thrillseekers Dub )

AMEX vs SAINT RUSH- Distant Worlds ( Original Mix )

PUSH- R.E.S.P.E.C.T. ( Remix )

LOLO- Extended Horizon (Original Mix)

AVEN- All I Wanna Do ( Ferry Corsten Remix )

FILO AND PERI- Elevation ( Original mix )

WHIRPOOL vs OCTAGEN- Alaska ( Filo & Peri Remix )

LANGE- Sincere For You ( Original mix )

MICHEAL SPLINT feat SASJA- Secrets Broke my Heart ( Airbase Vocal Remix )

ACTIVA pres. FORCE ONE- Reflection ( Original mix )

SEQUENTIA- Innuendo ( Ian Betts Remix )

ASTUNI & LE SAUX- Faith ( Original Mix )

GOURYELLA- Walhalla ( Original Mix ) [Back to the ClaXXiX Tune]

THE QUEST- C Sharp ( Original Mix ) [Back to the ClaXXiX tune ]

EXTREME TRAX- So Lonely ( Original Mix )

VIFRAMA- Cristalle ( Katana vs Dj Precision Remix ) [Back to the Past Tune ]

RANDY KATANA- In-Silence ( Twixtarro Remix )

KYAU & ALBERT- Metrosun ( Original Mix )

ASTATIC vs MARCO V- The C:del/ Man ( DjShy Hard Groove Mash)

Dj Shy presents a new WoF episode:


Resident dj: Dj Shy ( )

MARC ET CLAUDE – I Need Your Lovin ( Like the Sunshine ) ( Dark Moon Remix ) [Back to the Past Tune]
DARK MOON – Hear Me Calling ( Vocal Mix )
FIRE & ICE- A New Beginning ( Original Mix )
DAN STONE- Tauro ( Marcos Remix )
ELUDE- Fareday ( Chris Sheperd Remix )
FACTORIA- Revive ( Original mix )
FIRE & ICE – Lost Emotions ( Brian Kearney Remix )
RONSKI SPEED – E.O.S. ( Club Mix )
STONEFACE & TERMINAL – Super Nature ( Club Mix )
ALBERT VORNE- Formentera What? ( Gareth Emery Remix )
SINEAD O’ CONNOR- Troy (Phoenix from the Flames ) ( Push Remix ) [ Back to the ClaXXiX]
DJ TIESTO- Flight 643 ( Original Mix )
DYNO- Ghost in the Shell ( Protection Shell Mix )
VDM- No Hesitation ( Original Mix ) [Back to the Past Tune]
M.I.D.O.R.vs OCTAGEN vs MARCO V – Rush Godd ( WoF Godd’s Bootleg Mix )
M.I.D.O.R. vs OCTAGEN – FlyBack ( Original Mix )
ACTIVE SIGHT- Out of Our Lives ( Original Mix )
4STRINGS- Daytime ( Remix ) [ Back to the Past Tune ]

Special Guest: Re:Locate aka Octagen ( )

1. Rank 1 vs. Alex MORPH - Life Less Ordinary [High Contrast]
2. ID - ID [Octavius]
3. BK & Ali Wilson - London Rock [RIOT]
4. Cliff Coenraad - Manjula [Intuition]
5. Marco V - Possible, But Unlikely [In Charge]
6. Activa - Flashpoint (Deep Mix) [Reset]
7. Sophie Sugar - Day Seven [ASOT]
8. Yves Deruyter - Feel Free 2007 (YDR vs. Electro Kid Remix) [Bonzai]
9. Ferry Corsten - Beautiful (Re:Locate Remix) [Flashover]
10. Superti & Nenes - Teksha (Nenes Hard Dub) [CD-R]
11. Menno de Jong vs. Re:Locate - Solid State [Intuition]
12. Armin van Buuren - Rush Hour [Armind]