Do you like instrumental trance music?


Aug 28, 2013
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I love melodic/uplifting/chillout instrumental trance songs so much so that I created a fb page dedicated to it here

Like my page to keep up with updates and vote on the poll to let me know your favourite musical instruments in trance songs.

Cheers guys!
I much prefer instrumental Trance. I don't mind the occasional soundbites such as, "Tranquility base...". But sometimes the DJ gets carried away. BTW, to DJ's, "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe..." is over used. So is, "Silence..." from Delerium. Anyway, I digressively critiique, T&T (Trance and Techno or Techno and Trance) is my favorite and nobody understands it. In fact I had a dream the other night that I was in a music store and a Trance DJ was going to put on a demo. The guy next to me started talking about T&T and said the same thing, "Nobody understands the music I listen too."
Depends on my mood. A lot of vocal trance is just generic, semi-nonsensical "love song" fluff. That stuff gets tiring pretty quick. But sometimes someone will have vocal trance with lyrics in Latin, Italian, or Gaelic, or German, or some other language, and it just sounds effin' AMAZING.

Plus, instrumental trance just conveys pure feeling without some soppy vocalist telling you HOW to feel. DON'T TREAD ON ME, SONGWRITER! >[

However, I do like a good trance tune that's mostly instrumental save for a little spoken snippet. Provided it's a good snippet that fits with the song somehow. Helps make a song just a wee bit more recognizable. And it makes it easier to plug artists you like at shows, when a fan can tell you what vocal they heard in a song they really liked.
I prefer instrumental trance too.

Although I had admired trance music to an extent from when Faithless got me into dance music in 1996, it wasn't until I heard a (BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix) radio set by Paul van Dyk in 2003 that I really got into trance.

The pinnacle track was the DJ Tatana vs The Mystery classic - Soul Cry. Two incredible string breakdowns, and I was hooked!

More recently, the Ferry Tayle remix of Spellbound was brought to my attention by a Facebook group, and again, I loved it.