DR060 Steve Morley - Inner Sanctum *OUT NOW*

Cliffy Burrows

May 26, 2006
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DR060 Steve Morley - Inner Sanctum

Original Mix
Amos & Riot Night Remix
Freesoup's Inner Nightmare Remix
Alex Blest Remix

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Worldwide release - 10th March 2014

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The legend of Trance that is Steve Morley makes his debut on Digitized Recordings with the incredible 'Inner Sanctum'. Steve has given us a fantastic piece of uplifting trance and it's a hell of a way to make a debut on the label. Remixes come from more label debutantes, Amos & Riot Night, Freesoup and Alex Blest.

Amos & Riot Night are fairly new kids on the block and they are already becoming big favourites within the scene. Their remix is a great uplifter with a nice driving bassline.

Freesoup is a name that has been off the scene for a while but he is back with an absolute vengeance. He has given the track a psy trance edge with plenty of acid and a nice dark techy drive.

Alex Blest has given his remix a more epic uplifting feel to round the package off.

All in all this is a fantastic package and we hope you enjoy it.

The release has seen some massive support from the like of Aly & Fila, Scott Bond, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Manuel Le Saux, Mike Push, Steve Morley, Touchstone, Estigma, Matt Bowdidge, Chris Cockerill, Kara Sun, Ally Brown, Andy Mac, Gareth Weston, Tangle, Ian Standerwick, Vlind, Rya, TranceMelodic, Tasso, Iversoon & Alex Daf, Alex Blest, Zutt Muziker, Curtis & Craig, Mr Carefull, Laura May, Nymark & Dryden, Dean Thomas, Alan Ruddick, Robert Vadney, Amos, Riot Night, Cliffy Burrows, Kaeno, Lazarus, Haig & Raffi, Joe Cormack, Phil Taylor, Dave Horne, Tim Rand, Dave Gurnhill, Dave Deen, Mike Shiver, Aizen, Akeni, Peter Hulsmans, Pusher, Dave Wright, Chris Porter, tranzLift, Gav Pilling, Ollie Jaye, Suzy Solar, Rob Van Arden, Glynn Alan, Physical Phase, Matamar DJ's, Noonix, El Jay, North Pole, Gordon Coutts, Bluehawk, Mike Rodas, Pete Bromage, Natalie Parker, Talla 2XLC, Jon Martin, Rhys Thomas, Lost Witness, Angel Ace, Project, Phalanx, Simon Bostock, Daniel Skyver, Davey Asprey, Above The Clouds, David McRae, Tom Yelland, Karybde And Scylla, Magdelayna, Paul Trainer, Justin Grimes, Paul Bryne, Mark Winstanley, Andrea Mazza, Si Whelan, Amitacek, Ozzy XPM, Bryan Summerville, Katy Rutkovski, Rav Takhar, Jessica B, Odonbat plus many more.


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