DreamensioN - Bedroom Sessions 8 (Global Premiere - Australian Debut)


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May 6, 2006
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The next album from DreamensioN is making its global debut only on www.afterhours.fm this Monday (12th June 2006) night 8pm - 11pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time.

This long awaited double CD album has been in the making for a long time. DreamensioN has used new mixing techniques learned since Bedroom Sessions 7, and this is sure to be an amazing journey through all the styles of trance music.

Disc 1 of the mix takes you through the best of old aswell as new progressive house and trance sounds. This melodic set is perfect for those cruisey afternoons.

Disc 2 picks the pace up for those that like it faster. The energetic, uplifing rave sounds of this set will charge your spirit and make you move.

This is truely a mix set not to be missed for you trance fans. Full track list will be posted after the set has aired, and will be avaliable for download from www.dreamension.net in a few days.

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Here is the track list that I'm updating as the set plays..

1. Coldplay - Talk (Junkie XL Extended Radio remix)
2. Keenan and Dale Anderson - Drift Away (Original Mix)
3. Airwave feat Jon O Bir - The Promise I Made (Digital Mix)
4. Solar Stone - Day By Day (Red Jerry's Smack The Bigot Up Dub)
5. Lustral - Everytime (Nalin and Kane remix)
6. PQM feat Chronik - Over The Edge (Andrew Bennett mix)
7. Hammer and Funabashi feat. Angie Hedman - This Moment (Original mix)
8. Velvet Girl feat. Anita Kelsey - Satisfy (Airwave Remix)
9. Solar Stone feat. Jes - Like a Waterfall (Deeper Sunrise Version)
10. Young Parisians feat Ben Lost - Jump the next train (Bobina mix)
11. Ridgewalkers feat El - Find (Andy Moor mix)

1. Marco V - False Light (Extended mix)
2. Hemstock and Jennings - Babylon (Icone remix)
3. Iio - Runaway (Ford Club Remix)
4. The Thrillseekers feat Gina Dootson - By your side (Martin Roth remix)
5. Armin Van Buuren - Shivers (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
6. Perasma - Swing 2 Harmony (Deserves an Effort Polyphony Vocal mix)
7. Bossanova - Stonecold (Agnell & Nelson's Afterburn Remix)
8. Envio - Touched by the Sun
9. Yves Deruyter - Infinity
10. Alex M.O.R.P.H. - New Harvest (New Club Mix)
11. DJ Tiesto feat BT - Love Comes Again (Mark Norman Remix)
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****, im gonna miss this... Im in germany when that shit plays :(
I'll have a euro & US prime time release too...so don't worry :P

Plus you'll be able to download it from my site afterwards.

Cause your bedroom sessions 7 was insane!! :D
Bris-vegas support right here!
Loved BS 7... can't wait for your promo download release!
Don't forget to tune in tonight :P :D
Hey Eddie! Glad you could make it!
1st cd rox :O im glad ive tuned in ; o now cd2 :O that will be awsome :O
Noel mate..

You know me.. RedruM (boost)
Ive tld you what i think... and i have to say..

Mate - hows it going!?!
gr8 set/compilation/album :P im glad ive tuned in :O thx for it :D cd2 is great \o/
hey Dreamension.. congrats on the new show. did very good
Missed this =/ Looks like a great tracklist too!
I think there is going to be a replay for USA / Canada... please comment Dreamension
Tune in this Friday night ya'll :D