Drival On Air 001 on AH.FM 21-03-2018

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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01. Darude & Ashley Wallbridge feat. Foux - Surrender (Extended Mix)
02. Drival - Ready When You Are (Extended Mix)
03. Mhammed El Alami - Buenos Aires (Extended Mix)
04. Salt Tank - Eugina (Ciaran McAuley Remix)
05. Susana & Neev Kennedy - The Promise (Kaimo K Extended Remix)
06. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Jakarta (Extended Mix)
07. RAM & Stine Grove - RAMore (Daniel Skyver Remix)
08. Para X - Twinkle Tales (Extended Mix)
09. Alex Wright - Missing Something (Extended Mix)
10. Andres Sanchez & Rydex - Chance Encounter (Extended Mix)
11. Raz Nitzan & Moya Brennan - Find The Sun (Myde Extended Mix)
12. Cold Blue - Learning To Live (Original Mix)
13. Madwave - Temptation (Extended Mix)

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:welcome: Welcome New Show ! :flowers:

MP3 file + tracklist: uploaded :cap: all ready for broadcast

Edit Thread Title: √ done by in·iq·ui·trance

tracklist: TXT format :good:

Can't wait for you guys to listen to it! :)
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:dancing: 01. Darude & Ashley Wallbridge feat. Foux - Surrender (Extended Mix)
tracklist: uploaded :cap:

Drival On Air 001

01. Surrender (Extended Mix) - Darude & Ashley Wallbridge feat. Foux
02. Ready When You Are (Extended Mix) - Drival
03. Buenos Aires (Extended Mix) - Mhammed El Alami
04. Eugina (Ciaran McAuley Remix) - Salt Tank
05. The Promise (Kaimo K Extended Remix) - Susana & Neev Kennedy

06. Jakarta (Extended Mix) - Giuseppe Ottaviani

:wave: New Remix ! :grinning:

:: RAM & Stine Grove - RAMore (Original Mix) | Grotesque Music ::

With longing heart I can forgive this haunted mind where you still live
Can't sleep tonight, when there's no sound, still wait for you to be around
You were the ears I could confide
Always you stood by my side
You were the spark that set my world on fire

You were the time of my life, oh yeah
And all our tender moments they won't go away
You were the time of my life, oh yeah
Will never forget the night when you slipped away

http://www.brija.com/dj-ramtrance-will-always-be-there :dancing:

What can we expect to hear from you in the coming few months?

Well I'm working on my album which will contain lots of great collabs with vocalists like a new track with Susana. And at the end of the month my track Kingdom of Dreams will come out on ASOT.. Then I will release the track Epic on DS-R and after that "RAMore" will be released on the new Grotesque label.
Daniel Skyver did a great job again :super: