DSUK017: MDK - Our Plan


Aug 7, 2006
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DSUK017: MDK - Our Plan

Greetings everyone,

Hungarian producer MDK first made his presence known to the breaks world as a remix competition winner for Dead Famous. Since then, he's been remixing for various labels and even managed to find time to create some original work, one of which we are pleased to present as our next release. An uplifting melodic breaks track, with remix support from Spanish producer Deenk and UK producer Home Alone.


1. Our Plan (Original Mix)
2. Our Plan (Deenk Remix)
3. Our Plan (Home Alone Remix)

This release is OUT NOW at all your favourite download stores.

Click here to buy from Beatport (non-exclusive price) Buy @ Beatport

For HQ previews of each track please visit our SoundCloud

Support from Retroid, Abdomen Burst, Kultur & Columbo, LuQas, Llupa, Ghettface, Felix Stone, Line of Sight, Refracture, Sketi, Yreane, Ian (Dead Famous), Nick (Big Square),John Grief (Definition:Breaks), UnderThis, East Cafe, Fletric, Jaime (Pooty Club), Greg (VIM), Lee & John (Dusted Breaks), Ben Coda, Curl & Dean & Andy Faze. For all feedback and details about this release please visit our Official Myspace Blog. Don't forget you can also follow us on Facebook

Thanks to everyone for their continued support :)

Until Next Time!

Digital Sensation UK
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