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DSUK024: Abdomen Burst - Narada (incl. Geon/Innuendo remixes)


Aug 7, 2006
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DSUK024: Abdomen Burst - Narada

Greetings everyone!

Abdomen Burst is a well-known name on the progressive breaks scene and we're finally pleased to present to you a new original in the form of Narada. Deep bass and atmospheric synths are on the menu for this one, with Spanish producer Geon giving it a more dancefloor-orientated feel and Duane's Innuendo project dropping the tempo with some melodic electronica. A stretched out, beats and bassless ambient mix of his remix is also available as a free download. Both tracks are currently #1 & #2 respectively on the Release Promo Downtempo chart!


1. Narada (Original Mix)
2. Narada (Geon Remix)
3. Narada (Innuendo Remix)
4. Narada (Innuendo Ambient Mix) <-- FREE DOWNLOAD

This release is OUT NOW at all your favourite download stores.

Click here to buy from Beatport (non-exclusive price) Buy @ Beatport

For HQ previews of each track please visit our SoundCloud.

Support on this release from Retroid, Llupa, UnderThis, Sketi, East Cafe, Line of Sight and many more!

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Until Next Time!

Digital Sensation UK