DT8 Project - Let It Go [Mondo Records] OUT NOW!


Feb 14, 2011
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DT8 Project (aka Darren Tate) is back on Mondo Records with his latest single 'Let It Go'. Famous for crafting those lush, emotional and unforgettable melodies such as 'The Sun Is Shining', 'Destination', 'Narama' and 'Hold Me Till The End' to name but a few, the world renowned DJ & producer is back at doing what he does best.

The latest single 'Let It Go' is another demonstration of DT8's fine craft and unique style. Serving up a lush, typically emotional original mix which oozes those typical DT8 Project vocals from Alexta, backed up perfectly with the more energetic and tougher Darren DT8 Tate club mix. The latter gaining its world premiere courtesy of a play on BBC Radio 1.

Complimenting these mixes, we have a slamming, no holds barred banger from rising star Chris Porter, who injects the original with bags of energy and turns up the wick for a killer uplifting work out. Rounding out the package with a sublime progressive alternative is recent Mondo Records favourites: Straight Up who serve up a lush, laid back proggy take on the original in their much loved style.

1. Original Mix

2. Darren 'DT8' Tate Club Mix

3. Chris Porter Remix

4. Straight Up Remix

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