Dustwave - Anomalous Materials 9 :: Clouding Illumination (4-hour long anniversary edition)


Dec 7, 2006
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today it has been exactly 3 years since i spun the first episode of my Anomalous Materials trance set series. What better way to celebrate that than a new episode? And not just any episode, but a 4-hour long one! Anyway, enough talk, here's the playlist for Anomalous Materials 9 :: Clouding Illumination:

(Download link under playlist)

1. Andy Blueman - Time To Rest (Dustwave Edit)
2. Andy Blueman - Nyctalopia (Original Mix)
3. Afterglow - INXS (Randy Boyer & Eric Tadla Remix)
4. Ferry Tayle & Tonks - Vol De Nuit (Manuel Le Saux Remix)
5. Peter Dubs - Cubu (Kamil Polner Remix)
6. Miikka Leinonen - Galactic Evolution (Original)
7. Boom Jinx ft Key - Eternal Reminiscence (Original Mix)
8. Nitrous Oxide - Waves (Original Mix)
9. Alex MORPH & Woody van Eyden feat Michel Citrin - Turn It On (Original Mix)
10. Robert Nickson feat Elsa Hill - Never Again (Nitrous Oxide Mix)
11. Alex M.O.R.P.H - Walk The Edge (Alex M.O.R.P.H b2b Woody van Eyden Mix)
12. Aly & Fila - Key Of Life (Original Mix)
13. The Doppler Effect - Beauty Hides In The Deep (Ronski Speed Remix)
14. Aly & Fila - Eye Of Horus (Ronski Speed Remix)
15. Embrace - Embrace (Ferry Fix)
16. Nic Chagall - What You Need (Hard Dub Reedit)
17. Coast 2 Coast feat Le Sal and Phoenix - Cut Me (Activa Remix)
18. Andy Moor - Halcyon (Alex MORPH Remix)
19. Aly & Fila - Dynasty (Original Mix)
20. Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Kenny Hayes Remix)
21. Fabb-x - Amsterdam
22. Phoenixstar - The Example 60 (Original Mix)
23. Sebastian Brandt pres. Guised - Never Alone (Original)
24. Dreas - Signs (Akesson Remix)
25. Alex M.O.R.P.H presents Everest feat Tashita - Oree (Vocal Mix)
26. Menno de Jong presents Sayla - Majestic (Arizona vs Passiva Remix)
27. Octagen & Arizona - Starburst
28. Bubble Fish aka G & M Project - Stars Of Ibiza (Sean Tyas Remix)
29. Aly & Fila - Lost Language (Original)
30. Paul Miller & Manuel Le Saux - Underwater
31. Akesson - Sunchaser (Original)
32. Energy Reflect vs Arctic Moon - Cold Planet (Arctic Moon Original Mix)
33. Lexwood and Ferrin & Low - Chimaera (Original Mix)
34. Sequentia - Innuendo (Spiral Motion Remix)
35. Ron Verboom - Mindwarp (Original Mix)
36. The Thrillseekers feat Aruna - Waiting Here For You (Full Breakfast Mix)
37. Ferrin & Low - Westworld (Dustwave Perpetual Edit)

To download go to my website: http://www.dustwave.net
It's the first thing you see. The set is cut up into 4 parts.

it has happened. :mask:

gonna get it now. :music:

that's why it took so long.
It took that long cause i couldn't think of a title :P

And because of the unnatural level of perfection that i originally wanted for AM9...but since none of the dozen+ sets that i spun as AM9 were satisfying enough i thought i'd just wait another couple of months and do an extra long one :lol:

Almost didn't make it in time though...i recorded it last friday, but then the damn wav file was corrupt! And none of those tools that supposedly fix broken wav files worked...so i had to respin it and i was short on time already. Also, i think the corrupted recording was better. My computer deserves punishment for eating my stuff :P
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downloading now :mml: :hug:
awesome set :mml: :hug:
awesome set :mml: :hug:

:book: just read the messages above ~ made me curious :grinning: the tracklist contains só many goodies ! :super: