Ed Lynam - Adrenalin Sessions 110 Dirty Chef 2.0 Live From Club414 on AH.FM 18-07-2017

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Jul 27, 2007
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Ed Lynam


01. Deadmau5 vs. Kate Lawler - Sometimes Things Screw You (Dirty Chef's "Whatever!" Mashup) [CDR]
02. Zombie Nation vs. Jack Master vs. Slam - Paeng The Box (Dirty Chef's "Bangin" Mashup) [CDR]
03. Len Faki - Death By Synthapella Strangers (Dirty Chef's "3's up!" Mashup) [CDR]
04. Too Many Artists - Happiness On A Metropolis Day (Dirty Chef's "Apollonia" Mashup) [CDR]
05. Above & Beyond vs. Warrior - Hello Warrior (Dirty Chef's "Trancelucid" Mashup) [CDR]
06. Max Graham vs. Mark Sherry vs. Larson vs. Wildchild - The Evil Native Master (Dirty Chef’s “Threesome” Mashup) [CDR]
07. Valentino Kanzyani - Nueva York Es Loca (Dirty Chef's "2's up!" Mashup) [CDR]
08. Marco Bailey vs. Richard Durand - Crooked Law Cha Cha (Dirty Chef's "Mess with your 'ed" Mashup) [CDR]
09. Radiohead vs. DJ Ton T.B vs. Paul Denton - Electronic Spirit (Dirty Chef's "Differenter" Intro Mashup) [CDR]
10. Indecent Kearnage - Too Many To Mention (Dirty Chef's “POS 51" Intro Edit) [CDR]
11. Bryan Kearney & Will Atkinson vs. John Askew - The Game Salad (Dirty Chef's "Chop 'n' Changer" Mashup) [CDR]
12. Marcel Woods vs. John Askew - Advanced Bastard (Dirty Chef's "Dial Again" Mashup) [CDR]
13. Simon Patterson vs. Marcel Woods vs. Rank 1 - Smack On Fire (Dirty Chef's "Weekend Smasher" Mashup) [CDR]
14. Element 4 vs. Scott Mac - Big Brother Is Watching U (Dirty Chef's "Born in 1984" Mashup) [CDR]
15. The Green Martian vs. The Source - Ladies And Gentleman You Got The Love (Dirty Chef's "It's Been Done" Mashup) [CDR]
16. Ed Lynam vs. Michael Splint, DJ Choose & Eruption - Adrenalin Free (Dirty Chef's "Trancelucid" Mashup) [CDR]
17. Mark Sherry, Derb & Space Frog vs. Daft Paunk & Kamui - Follow Me Technologic (Dirty Chef's "Apothercary" Mashup) [CDR]
18. Will Atkinson vs. Kamui - Bloody Gaga (Dirty Chef’s “Sweep It Up” Mashup) [CDR]
19. Dark By Design vs. Will Atkinson – Severe Punishment For Pat Butcher (Dirty Chef's "More Stupid Titles" Mashup) [CDR]
20. Too Many Artists - Hybrid Spaceman (Dirty Chef's "Hard 140" Mashup) [CDR]
21. Simon Patterson vs. Thomas Seghers - Voodoo Drugs With The Humans (Dirty Chef's "Trancelucid" Mashup) [CDR]
22. Steve Hill vs. Technikal vs. Sonny Summers – Enjoy The Silence For The Weekend (Dirty Chef’s “Trance Together” Mashup) (Outro Edit) [CDR]

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1. Deadmau5 vs. Kate Lawler - Ssometimes Tthings Sscrew Yyou (Dirty Chef's "Whatever!" Mashup) [CDR]() 13\
yea, the tracklist on the 1st is slightly wrong. it's just Sometimes Things Screw You
6. Max Graham vs. Mark Sherry vs. Larson vs. Wildchild - The Evil Native Master (Dirty Chef\'92s \'93Threesome\'94 Mashup) [CDR]\
6. Max Graham vs. Mark Sherry vs. Larson vs. Wildchild - The Evil Native Master (Dirty Chef\'92s \'93Threesome\'94 Mashup) [CDR]\
Where are they random quotes coming from?! haha. bet my text file got corrupted again when I sent it over!