[ER044] Kaeno & Denzo - Cabin Pressure (Incl. Grube & Hovsepian Remix)


Jun 14, 2009
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After the widely supported Galaxy, Kaeno & Denzo are back with some big room tech sound in Cabin Pressure. With some top quality remixes from Grube & Hovsepian, Indecent Noise, David Forbes, and Brent Sadowick, this release is something you don't want to miss as a club DJ.


1. Cabin Pressure (Original Mix)
The original mix starts with a heavy perc intro that has a chopped, rugged feel all over it. The intro quickly builds up into full-blown grind with industrial stabs and techy plucks, topped with spaceous hisses and clanging rides. The breakdown is cinematic in its claustrophobic eeriness - a lonely lead takes over the hollow space, playing a recurring tritone motif while the track starts gathering energy for the explosion. The pluck then makes a major entrée for the second part, sped up by some raw detuned stabs. In the outro the bass line shifts down two whole tones again, thus closing the circle with the intro. Squeezed into just 5:28, the original packs sheer club punch for every second of it.

2. Cabin Pressure (Grube & Hovsepian Pres. Zero Gravity Remix)
The Grube & Hovsepian remix begins with a variation of the pluck theme which ends the intro by climbing up an octave chromatically. A sequence of development follows and the main pluck of the original is introduced, now blended together with the variation. The break utilizes the tritone theme in a different fashion, and goes so far to combine it with the chromatic plucks, and so creating quite some crispy atonal architecture and dissonant chaos into the build up. The track then kicks off for the second part, the rhythms of the plucks dominating and the percs whipping speed into the mix.

3. Cabin Pressure (Indecent Noise Spark Remix)
The fastest of the bunch, Indecent Noise remix sparks up from the first second with driving percs which introduce the bass line. A hectic lead theme plays the main role in this smashing banger that just builds up and up, not letting the dance floor catch a moment of breathe until the breakdown. Even then, the pause is just brief, and the galloping hihats strike such a strenuous rhythm for the themes of the second part that it would be impossible not to move to this beat.

4. Cabin Pressure (David Forbes Remix)
David Forbes' remix leads in with a softer perc intro, but don't let it fool you. A deep bass drum soon joins in, and at latest when the bass line kicks in, there is no doubt that the upcoming track is a banging tech trancer. The smoothness of the melodic development in this one, while still retaining the sheer force of the bass drive beneath, could be compared to skillfully taming a wild horse. In the break a grand riff seizes the room and prepares way for the main theme of the second part, working perfectly as a counterpoint to the melodic timbre of the delayed bell which now takes an embellishing role. The main theme of the original is presented as a variation while the rhythm and drive maintain their high intensity.

5. Cabin Pressure (Brent Sadowick Remix)
Brent Sadowick's remix begins with an electric perc intro soon joined by the kick. The main theme comes in in a simple pattern and borrows the pluck from the original while the tritone melody plays in the background in different forms, FX'd and chopped. Hihats and rides grow around the solid base structure while the bassline pumps strong throughout the track. There's no longer mid-break but a couple of shorter lift-offs which launch ever harder and evolving sequences of smashing tech drive.


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