Eunostos - TND September 2008

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Dec 15, 2007
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Eunostos - Trance N Dance September, This month includes progressive songs plus some house music, with excellent songs like "let it go" from Emilio Fernandez and "Orange Bill" of Marberg & Kyau vs Albert two of the great recent releases. i think this set is more in the side of the progressive than house, but it also includes cool house sounds as you will hear in the song "Man with the red face". at the end we have the song "you never said" recommended by Jose Rodolfo, thnx for the recommendation.

1 Emilio Fernandez - let it go
2 Soldout vs Nova - Maybe tomorrow
3 Sancho & E-lation - I want your soul
4 Mark Knight & Funkagenda - Man with the red face
5 Marberg & Kyau vs Albert - Orange bill (Ramiro Puente rabbit chaser remix)
6 John Dahlback - Mothing is for real (Mark knight Remix)
7 Mark Norman - Bazarus
8 Cara Dillon vs 2 Devine - Black is the colour
9 DJ Streamer feat. Mario Araceli - Tears in sky
10 Cerf Mitiska & Jaren - you never said (Dash Berlin Remix)


more info DJ Eunostos

reviews and comments are as always welcome :hug:
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Hey Bitman! :hug:

Downloading this episode now! :grinning:

Looks very nice, the tracklist... I know the man with the red face, very nice track is that!

Kind regards! :)

good. i hope you like the whole set marco :grinning:

kind regards:)
interesting TL bro

downnnloaaadiiing! ^^
interesting TL bro

downnnloaaadiiing! ^^

hello ava

i have changed the download link because the last file was corrupted, we had a hard disk failure. the problem is fixed now and the download link is working again :music:

thanx veronica for the tip, btw you can report any broken link of my website by writting an email to
Hey Bitman! :hug:

Back again here with a review! I listened it 2 times now (i.e.: :music:, and a few days later: :music:), and some parts again, going cross through it, before the reviewing (:blink:), it was very nice to hear all these relaxing tracks and all the well done transitions :)

I think you've done a very great job, because look how much tracks are in my 'I really like it'-list (ordered by my taste from 'very good' to 'good')

3, 4, 10, 9, 1, 8, 7

The 'most liked track' was 3, not because of the text, but because of the whole. (To be honest, I didn't like the text :grinning:). I think btw an instrumental version of that track wouldn't work, because the presence of that voice makes the song as a whole very nice as it is.

Thanks for the nice hours of music! Very well done! I'll check next month the next episode when available! :super:

Kind regards,
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heyyy cool proggy :wub:

:mml: congratzz

thnx AVA

glad you like it. Proggy is one of my favs.

more good music for the next set. i am on it right now :grinning:

thank you marco i apreciate your reviews.
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