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Euphonik:TekTonik 012 incl. SCOTT ATTRILL AKA VINYLGROOVER guest mix


Jun 28, 2009
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Hi guys & girls!

Tune in to FurioTek presents Euphonik:TekTonik @ Dance Biscuit Internet Radio :: Techno, Electro, Trance, Psy, House Music, Electronica and more... tonight from 21:30 GMT / Expect big new tracks from Mark Sherry, Sean Tyas, Greg Downey & Kutski! You don't wanna miss this show, it's gonna be big! :)

The show is now moving to a 2 hour slot due to demand, and to kick off the new format tonight's show includes a special guest mix from Scott Attrill, who some of you may know better as the infamous king of hard dance Vinylgroover!

Links to listen to the show again will be added after the show is broadcast... :D

Thanks a lot, enjoy the show everyone!
Hi everyone!

Here's the links to last night's show as promised!

To listen to the show again visit the Dance Biscuit Internet Radio :: Techno, Electro, Trance, Psy, House Music, Electronica and more... home page, or alternatively you can stream/download the show using the links below ;)

FurioTek - Euphonik:TekTonik 012 (Incl Scott Attrill AKA Vinylgroover Guest Mix) - SoundCloud (Streaming & Downloading)

RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting (Downloading Only)


Hour One: FurioTek

Public Domain Artists Summer '09 Feature:
1. Wired (David Forbes Remix) - Mark Sherry, James Allan & William Daniel [Reset]
2. Magic Carpet Ride - Dr Willis & David Forbes [Freefall Records]
3. Life's Too Short (Mark Sherry's Outburst Remix) - Ron van den Beuken & Maarten de Jong [RR Recordings]
4. Blood Moon - Mark Sherry Vs James Allan [Detox]
5. 4th Dimension (Mark Sherry Vs James Allan Mix) - Kutski Vs BRK3 [Detox]

Scott Attrill 'Mega Album' Sampler
6. Hot Stuff - Scott Attrill [Traffic]
7. Twister - Scott Attrill [Traffic]

8. Grudge Match (Jordan Suckley Remix) - Greg Downey [Goodgreef Digital]
9. Rulebook (Bryan Kearney's 'Out The Window' Remix) - Sean Tyas [Discover Dark]
10. Love Affair - Charlie G & Will Atkinson [CGI]
11. Get Low (Louk Mix) - Fausto [Excessive Records]
12. Acid Distortion - Busho [Therachords]

Hour Two: Scott Attrill Guest Mix

1. Devolution (Anne Savage Remix) – Organ Donors [Unreleased]
2. More Power – Scott Attrill [Traffic]
3. Musica (Scott Attrill Remix) – Steve Noxx & Stu Grady [Riot!]
4. Adapter – Scott Attrill [Unreleased]
5. Mega – Scott Attrill [Traffic]
6. Kiddstock Theme 2009 (BK Remix) – Alex Kidd Vs Kidd Kaos [Kiddfectious]
7. The Mighty Bosh – Scott Attrill [Traffic]
8. Mad Glow – April & Technikal [Traffic]
9. Suffocate (Hard Floor Mix) - Mars & Vandall [Trancewarez]
10. Massive – Scott Attrill [Traffic]
11. Before My Eyes – Scott Attrill [Traffic] (Unreleased)
12. Tech Ho (Scot Project Remix) – Dr Willis Vs Vandall [Rockstar Wreckchords]

Thanks again to everybody who tuned in last night, hope you enjoyed the show, I know I did ;D
i like Scott better as Vinylgroover, as Scott he does more tech. i prefer more hard dance
Yeah his Vinylgroover material is truly legendary haha; I still love the techyness though so it's all good for me lol :)
Vinylgroover & The Red Head, wow great collaboration. Tom Harding on sensation black 2004 he played like 3 tracks of them. i love techyness also but not as much as hard trance/dance

one of my fav tunes right now is Sheldon Ives - Voodoo Child
great hard trance