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Euphoric Nation - Trance Paradise 353 on AH.FM 04-01-2018

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Jul 27, 2007
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Euphoric Nation


01. LTN - As Tears Go By
02. Miroslav Vrlík - Rainbow (Ethillas & Marefelic Remix)
03. Paul Arcane - Transcend
04. Davey Asprey, Dan Dobson - Fantome
05. dStarr - Zosma
06. Ferry Corsten - Lonely Insine (Extended Ferry Fix)
07. Johnny Yono - Find Me In The End
08. BT, JES - Every Other Way (PureNRG Extended Remix)
09. Alan Morris - Stigmata
10. Chris Schweizer - The Wolf
11. Ram - Melbourne
12. Casey Rasch - Bring It Back
13. Garry Heaney - Citation (Allan Morrow Extended Remix)
14. Bluskay - Sun Rays
15. Lostly - Came Here To Forget

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MP3 file + tracklist: uploaded :cap: all ready for broadcast

Edit Thread Title: √ done by me

tracklist: TXT format :good:
I had the honor of opening for Above & Beyond on NYE. So I had to play one of the tracks during that set. This really brings back memories <3

1. LTN - As Tears Go By
Supporting my friend Ethillas on this remix :)

2. Miroslav Vrilik - Rainbow (Ethillas & Marefelic Remix)
Great new song by Ferry! Reminds me of Anahera actually!!

6. Ferry Corsten - Lonely Inside (Extended Ferry Fix)
I was actually really impressed with this remix! Kept the feel of the original really well!

8. BT, JES - Every Other Way (PureNRG Extended Remix)
I like this uplift combo track!

13. Garry Heaney - Citation (Allan Morrow Extended Remix)