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Faruk Sabanci & Nurettin Colak - Anatolian Emotions [Arisa Audio]


Sep 12, 2008
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To set our release engines into full swing we are proud to present our first piece of work. Already receiving massive amounts of praise from Armin van Buuren (twice on ASOT and licensed to his Armada compilation), we bring to you Faruk Sabanci & Nurettin Colak - Anatolian Emotions.

The package will consist of three tracks, original mix, Tech mix and the progressive yet tech injected mayhem of Myon & Shane 54's rendition to staple of the package with a bang. The duo has already seen great support in trance land this year and this remix is a sure example of this pair's high geared production offerings.Firm favorites on your CD wallets.

1. Anatolian Emotions (Original Mix)
2. Anatolian Emotions (Tech Mix)
3. Anatolian Emotions (Myon & Shane 54 Remix)

Having heard the Myon & Shane 54 Remix on A State Of Trance earlier in the year I was so surprised with how uplifting the Original Mix is. It has a fantastic intro sequence that teases with sections of the melody that do not come into full effect until the beautiful break with an interesting piano sequence. The laid back synths further help the song emerge into one of the biggest surprises of the year!

The second mix in the package is the Tech Mix. At first glance there might not be alot different in this mix then the original, but when the break comes in for the first time you see the subtle changes made by the producers that makes this mix more oriented for the peak time sets. Great work by the producers and my favorite mix in the package!

As mentioned before Myon & Shane 54 pick up the baton for the remix. Having had early plays by Schulz & Armin this tune gained alot of hype & they truly deliver! This is exactly what a remix should do in my opinion, take the original song and transform it into sumthing different, while keeping the original melody in place. The progressive approach works wonders and makes the package complete with mixes for all DJs to play!

A spectacular first release on the new label and shows that these boys mean business in the trance scene! 8/10

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Interview with Faruk Sabanci to follow

Review written by William P