Favorite music production tool

Favorite music production tool

  • Cubase 3

    Votes: 2 4.0%
  • Cubase 4

    Votes: 4 8.0%
  • Ableton Live 6

    Votes: 2 4.0%
  • Ableton Live 7

    Votes: 12 24.0%
  • Fruity Loops Studio

    Votes: 23 46.0%
  • Reason 3

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Reason 4

    Votes: 2 4.0%
  • Logic Pro

    Votes: 5 10.0%

  • Total voters


Oct 27, 2006
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vote vote vote :P
let me know if ive forgotten anything
i do :P
I love Fruity Loops Studio...

Still learning Reason...
I'm choose Ableton Live 7 :grinning:
Voted for fruity loops however i've been recently been trying other sequencers. The demo for ableton seems good but I always find myself going back to floops. Dont really like the way you draw out automation in ableton, seems better in fruity loops with the curves etc, also the piano roll in ableton isnt very good. Hopefully this will be improved in a future version. Purchasing a macbook soon for uni purposes so will have a try of logic to see if it fits all my needs.
no mention of Cakewalk's SONAR...tsts, you're missing out mate, complete and affordable, also my tick in above poll (if it was there...)
Live 7 as well, just for pure easyness - compared to the others, maybe except for FL.
but for me and the way I use to work....SONAR :grinning:
the cowbell is better :mask:

Used a combination of Sibelius and Fruityloops Studio back when I did some digital productions for my music scholarship. Some mates had great success with Cakewalk combined with MIDI keyboards too. Not quite produced to professional level, but did the job.
Reason 4 for me, it's like a bottomless pit, your only limitation being running out of CPU lol!

I like it because it's really intuitive, quite a novel way to produce tracks, and being able to wire your virtual rack up however you like is awesome.

With that said though, I only have experience with Fruity Loops besides Reason 4, and I thought that was excellent too, just a little on the unreliable side at times.