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Ferry Corsten vs BT - The Sublime Emergency (Fred Aclers 5th Ave Mash Up)


Jan 21, 2009
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Hello boys & girls!! I know it's been a while since my last mash up, but now I'm back!! This time I found some awesome tracks on BT's new fantastic album. Then I choosed one of my all times fav, Sublime!! :D:D Check it out and let me know what you think of it. Rate and subscribe if you want ;) Hope you will like it! :) and if you want the audiotrack just send an email to fredacler@gmail.com

The mash is here:
YouTube - Ferry Corsten vs BT - The Sublime Emergency (Fred Aclers 5th Ave Mashup)

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Fred Acler
Well, I think this mashup does have great potential. The vocal and instrumental go well together. The only thing that stops it from being great in my opinion is you have to much noise on it. This has caused at times the instrumental to be virtually lost in the mass of noise going on around it. I know its very popular with trance producers to use this noise right now. But its really over used and often to the detriment of the song as a whole. In my opinion letting the melody shine through around the vocal would show it in its true light and not for it to be washed away in noise:friends:
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Thanks alot for taking the time to listen to the mash. I know what you mean. Had alot of problems getting it to sound ok, but I guess I have to try again hehe. :)
Thanks again for your great feedback!!!
Anyone else? :) :)