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Dj Ron_e

May 4, 2006
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I live in texas in the united states of america. I am selling 2 Tech 1200 direct drive turntables as well as about a library of 500 records looking for about 1-3 dollars a piece . If you buy bulk could probably cut you a deal. Thanks oh THe tech 1200 are black and only 6 months old, Asking 300 for each. Have a nice day

Dj Rone
How much for all of What? Currently I am catalogging My vinyl I am getting a count just to see how many and what exactly I have. The tables as low as ill go is 275. They have groovemaster needles. They are pretty much brand new. So for both Black Turntables 550 but Once the vinyl gets catalogged and writted down Ill email you back. Ill sell you the whole stack for about 1 dollar to a 1.50 a vinyl. have a nice day
depends dude what u got for sale??
like name some artists
Ok here it Is, Kinda lengthy but willing to do it in bulk... If bought in bulk selling it all for 2 dollars a record. If bought individually then we can discuss the price some are classics, some are newer.

Ferry Corsten – Indigo
Loverush Uk- Perfect Honey
Bedrock – Heaven Scent
Carbon – Shelter Me
Smoke Machine 2005 – Tiesto Mix
Fergie – The Bass Generator
Junkie Xl – Obsession
Lasgo Alone
Bon Garcon – Freek You
Armin Van Buren Album Sampler - Song for Ocean, Burned with desire
Atc Around the World
Riva – Who do you love now
The Love Bite – Take your time
Marcell Woods – Flora
Marcell Woods – Flauna
Ernesto – dark side of the moon
Marco V – More than a life a way ( Double vinyl
Joop – The World
Ferry Corsten – Sublime
System F – Ignition, Sequence, Start
George Hales – Autumn falls
Way out West – Don’t Forget me
Marco V – Del.mp3
Cern – Go fly
Out of Grace – 140 bpm
Warp Brothers – phatt Bass
Gs2 – Red Alliance
Andy Ling – Fixation
Aurora – Ordinary World
Africa Bombatta – Afrika Shock
Voodoo and Serano – Blood is pumping
Chemical brothers – Believe
Interstate – I found you
Cor Fijneman – I found you
Lnq – People I use to know
Luminary – My world
Avb – Album Sampler ) From the heart, Comminication, Astronauts
Markus Schulz – First time
Scott Mac- Damager 02
Kenny Hayes – Day Breaker
Filterfunk – S.o.s
Mr Sam – Lyeto
Robert Burns – Pulestar
Precursor – Solar 1
IIo – Runaway
Sander Van Doorn – A.K.A
Fred Baker – Total Blackout
Sonic Vibe – Desert Island
Blank And Jones – Perfect silence
The Drill – The Drill
Bart Claessen – Playmo
John Marks – Do it again
Blank and jones – A forest
Marcell Woods – Cherry Blossom
Marcell woods – Beautiful Mind
Motorcycle – AS the rush comes
Eric Prydz vs Alex Morph – Call on me
System f – Needlejuice
Solar Stone – Seven Cities
Carl Cox- Phuture 2000
Adam Starr – Bad acid Jesus
Lock n Load- House some more
Bad habit boys – Weekend
Gi Gi Diagostino – Ill fly with you
Voodoo and Serano – This is acid
The Freak – The clouds above
Sensation – The anthem 2004
Delerium – Silence
Perfecto – transa – Eneverate
Warp brothers – Blast the speakers
David Lara- The beats and the drums
Kate Ryan – Scream for more
Dj sammy – heaven
Lost tribe – Game master
Spider – go insane
Ascension – Someone Like you ( limited vinyl edition
PVD- The Other side
Mojado – Naraja
Electrovoya – Dayslike these
Deep dish – say hello
Mojado – Senorita
Sander Van doorn – B ling bling
Ron Van Den Beuken – Timeless
Sayla – Majestic
Binary Finary – 1998
Darude – Feel the Beat
Darude – sandstorm
Cj stone – Shining Star
Bad Habbit Boys – Rock ya
Safri Duo – Played alive
Markus Schultz – Without you near
Ridgewalkers – El find
AVB presents rising Star – Touch me
Kenny Hayes Ibiza Sky
Fred baker – Les part De anges
Dj Encore – I see right through to you
D-Fuse – Body shock
Dj Joe – Batukada
Tiesto – ISOS 4 sampler 8 tracks
Synergy hello strings
Mara – Desanitize
Bt – Flaming June
Delerium – Innocente
Donald and Giles – manufactured
IIO – Rapture
Dj Ballon – Pussylovers
Tiesto - Traffic

Behringer DJX-700 DJ Mixer
In good condition, just used.

Price: 185 EUR

Jaytec DM 3 Mixer
Very easy essential mixer.

Price: 55 EUR

For more information:
(Dont add me to your msn partners, because I dont accept it. Send only e-mail.)
hey stafler, totally unrelated to ur sale, but who made ur banner?
Stafler is a professional graphic artist, from what I've seen on his website and what he has done for us here on AfterHours.
This is confusing with two things being sold. I think it would be a good idea to seperate the two?
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