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Freddy Angel - Don't Jump (free download)

Freddy Angel

Aug 12, 2007
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Don't Jump is a featured track from my new EP "Sound of The Dark Cloud". I created Don't Jump after a close friend of mine attempted to commit suicide. Don't Jump is a breakbeat project with trance roots, it will be available for free download until it goes on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon.

Listen and download free: http://soundcloud.com/freddyangelmusic/dont-jump

I would like to encourage all DJ's to download and play in your sets, thank you! :super:
I am pleased to announce that my new EP "Sound of The Dark Cloud" is now officially up on iTunes and Spotify, so it is no longer available for free download (I want to thank those of you who did take the time to listen and download). However, if you are a DJ and would like a free copy of my EP, just send me an email to freddyangelmusic@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to send the tracks! Listeners can still stream my music free on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Undergroundmusic.fm