friTTe - House Session 001


Aug 5, 2006
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New one from me..hope some of you enjoy it =)

friTTe - House Session 001

01.Fedde Le Grand - Put Your Hands Up For Detroit [Club Mix]
02.Dumb Dan, May Nilsson - Me And U [Original Mix]
03.Kim Fai - Smells Like Teen Spirit
04.Alex Smoke - Neds [Original Mix]
05.Infusion, Cagedbaby - Bordeaux [Original Mix]
06.Oxia - Domino
07.Bodyrockers - Round And Round [B-Side Mix]
08.Luciano And Eat - Luciano Bla Bla Bla
09.Elite Force - Shadowbox [Original Mix]

Length: 50:23mins
Bitrate: 192kbps [VBR]

This is my first mix with a different style of music, hope you enjoy it/friTTe

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All these guys crying out for House music and this has

been completely ignored - in fact just read a post when

it was stated that house music would be 'awesome' or

some other adjective - and this set sits here with no

interest by anyone.

I went throught the house period a few years ago

and gave it up when it stopped progressing but I

will give this a d/l and a listen you have to support

the newbies, dont you?

I see a question appearing in the 'what do you

think' web page next year 'what do you think about House

music' - and I bet we get the same answers as we

got this time when the subject was 'd & b' drums and bass

maybe the same people posting. go on give it a d/l and maybe

a post - you know it makes sense.

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when I said newbie - in this case I mean't new type of music

not a new member as this member joined a long time before I.

( no offence intended)

Thanks alot mate for the words :flowers:
Let me know what you think after listening mate, hope you enjoy it.
thanks mate - always give it 2 plays to get the right picture

- post tomorrow

still playing the set trying to get a fair opinion of it.

I'll take a listen + feeback ofcourse :)
Yo Fritte. It's not really my kind of music. And you really shouldnt play Fedde Le Grand - Put Your Hands Up For Detroit [Club Mix]. That track is so annoying commercial. Im liking Domino :)

Tanks for sharing your house session.