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Gorski pres. G-Sky - Breathing Alone (For Friends) [Orginal Mix]


Feb 1, 2008
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Hay All,

i want to pronunce my lnewest release called: 'Breathing Alone'

We're proud to present you another quality release from EuphoriaElite Records, this time featuring Poland's new trance star G-Sky !!

In "Breathing Alone" uplifting melodies and euphoric synthlines will capture your mind, taking it to a hypnotic state to carry you far away to a magic land where any thought is possible and where emotions have infinite dimensions that you feel deep inside. It takes you to a place where you feel pure love inside every breath you take and your eyes only see happiness. A land where memories of friends find their meaning with every breath you take.

curently avalible only on beatport as exclusicve (G-Sky - Breathing Alone (For Friends))
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