Got any tutorials?


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May 6, 2006
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Hey guys,
I'm keen to start getting into doing my own mashups, and I know such progarms as Mixmeister or more so...Abelton Live can do this. I'm also know Adobe Audition is out there, but I think this is more for sequencing.

Anyhow... I was wondering if any of the producers on here had any ebooks or know of online tutorials that I can read to become more familiar with these applications and to harness their power.

Also any Reason tutorials would be very handy :P
I don't have any right now but I would be happy to make some Reaktor and Ableton tutorials for specific tasks. Just post something you would like to see and I'll make a video tutorial of it.

Marius has it all, you ask a question and he will always answer. Smart guy :) GJ
If you want start getting into mash-ups, mixing, etc. I'd go with Ableton Live. Probably the best program for DJs out there - it's also amazing for producing as well! And, you can carry it with you on a laptop while you're currently mixing in a liveset. ;)