Hans Zimmer - At Wit's End (DistantLand Trance Remix)

Nice song! Sounds best with high bass...
some old school sounds i hear :)

not that bad :) but it's impossibile to screw up any Hans Zimmer track :) keep working :)
very nice dude
nice start very peaceful noises
mage bass stronger i didnt hear it enought
wow didnt think i would get this much reply.. hehe... thanks!
this much?:whistle: only 3, including mine :)
keep workin' and add more basses :lol:

usually on other forums i get only 1 :lol: i havent done any monitoring with speakers yet... i made it with headphone.. :lol:
It's good, are you still working on it?
Can I get a sneaky copy of the final version when its done? :D