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Apr 2, 2007
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Hehe, it's now the time to go on holiday !!!

I'm going to holidays from 30th June to 14th July, so I wouldn't be on the forum anymore until 14th July !!! But I'll come back with good mood to listen trance on afterhours of course ! I'm going in France (Cap d'Agde, near Marseille)...

So don't be worry if you don't see me anymore until 14th July ^^


And, people can tell where they are going to holiday this year, would be interesting :D
hey hey :)
im also going on holiday to europe for whole month of august :)

see you back bass4t4ken :) stay safe mate
I'm going from 13 till 21 july
I had birthday on 13th July ^^ Oh my God what a party... :D

Since 17th Jul to 31th Jul I was on the trip in Egypt& Israel it was really amazing :) But I'm not going to bore you, but if you want to know anything more... :D