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Oct 29, 2007
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Heya new to this site and i just people that are interested in bouncey house/ scouse house to give me an opionion (onest 1)

I'm 15 yrs old and been dj'ing 4 a year now and done 2 albums and working on my third and its been quite succesful round my area lots of requests but i want to get out there now and get people interested in me!!
So go on the link listen through them there availible for downlaod (Free) and reply back many thanls in advanced .::Dj Matty Wills::.

some house is cool, but others is not and bores me... all depends on taste i guess.

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I like prog house...usually tunes that are deeper than just a groove...which I guess what you mean by bouncy house ...

Welcome to AH man we party like no other here
Yea Bouncey House is different and got a lot more bass than alot of songs but its realy big over in the north west in the u.k and starting to spread across the u.k, reali trying to promote alot of it the best cd's are probli wigan pier which were my insperation to start Dj'ing