How much music do you have?

Drive C: 15 GB
Drive D: 40 GB

VINYL Collection: 600
CD Collection: 450

Looking now for an external HD with 500 GB or more to catch all the stuff i had to delete in the last times for new stuff :)
I have got 130GB of different music, but dance & trance is composing almost one half :-)
errr .. just a friendly thought .... how much "legal" music do you have?

/me runs!

( please delete this post if you feel it inappropriate )
I have 60 Go of 320kbps trance tunes :) A lot of legal, some presents by DJ friends and some downloaded...
around 400 vinyls

over 100 cds

4.47 gb itunes purchases

94 gb purchased tracks (2427 files) from beatport, audiojelly, trackitdown, djdownload, junodownload, dance-tunes, etc.

17.57 gb armada promos (paid service)

13.96 gb of other promos / bootlegs

around 90 gb of my own sets, mashups, edits, etc.

12.57gb of downloaded sets from others

I don't even want to think about how much all those purchases have cost me. Will take years to earn it all back. That is if I would stop buying, which I won't :lol:
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