How uplifting trance affects your life


May 27, 2008
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I've been listening to uplifting trance for years and i've come to realize how much it affects my mood and hence my life.
The slow, melodic, unspeakably beautiful parts move my mind, make me think about a lot of aspects of life, and make everything look good and puts my mind in a "state of trance" so to speak.
Then come the beats, the kickoff..energetic, still beatiful, at this point a feeling of ecstasy kicks in, the music makes me want to move, go, do stuff, party, enjoy life.
And then at the outro i just realize how awesome the song was, my mind kind of returns to reality, i observe how smooth the transition is to the next song, appreciate the dj, the whole genre, and await the next song, the next "trip for the mind".
This whole feeling is very difficult to describe by words, however i think most of you on this forum understand what i'm trying to say here.
I'm wondering if uplifting trance has the same effect on other people, and i find it hard to understand how some (most) people can not feel this, and not love trance music.
Do you think that other music genres might have a similar effect on different people? Do you think that people that listen to completely different genres experience some similar feeling while they listen to their favorite music?