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Ice Upon Fire - Hit My Brain Again [Silent Shore Records]

Uplifting Mist

May 9, 2011
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Release date:
Record label: Silent Shore
Format: WAV/MP3

For sure you did not miss his release among others we had during the last year in our label, Ice Upon Fire is back with the finest trance from France. His newest single Hit My Brain Again will not only hit your brain but also touch your heart with its beauty.

DJ/Radio Support: Woody van Eyden, John Askew, Suzy Solar (I love the pack!), M.I.K.E., Manuel Le Saux, ReOrder, El Jay, Jordan Waeles, Robert Gitelman and more...

Original Mix comes with energetic sounds right from the start. Tune builds up nicely to the nice uplifting emotional breakdown where the shooting melody hits your brain immediately, make shivers all over your body and if you feel like flying you are not wrong.

The Remixes are brought you by Opt-in who accompanies energetic beats with beautiful, emotional piano melody while and Jective leads us through thrilling beats and groovy atmosphere.

We believe you will enjoy this release.

Buy Now On: www.beatport.com
Worldwide Release Date: 13/06/2011

Thank you all for your support