Ilse De Lange - The Great Escape (Armin van Buuren Remix)


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May 6, 2006
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I first heard his track on the Armin Only '06 DVD that I bought a while ago, he's also played it several times since then - most noteably at ASOT300.

After watching the Armada website for many MANY months, I still see no sign of this track being released. I asked my friend Google about this track, and I found a couple of forum threads (by internet randoms) that are saying this track will NEVER be released. They also say its been too long since it was first made, and if it were released now it would be "old".

So does anybody here know if Armin is planning to release this track at some stage, or was it an "Armin Only" special? I know some producers (eg: Christian Rusch) make a killer track, but never release it. And only the privilaged get to use it.

By Christian Rusch I'm talking about the track he produced called "Numb". The only place it can be found is Track 1, CD1 of Coldharbour Sessions 2004 - Mixed by Marcus Schulz.
I've also heard from other people that this is never going to be released. Hope they work something out though, who knows, up until it actually got released, Tiesto's ISOS remix of Imogen Heap's Hide & Seek was never going to be released.

You could probably find a bootleg mp3 somewhere, but ...its not legal...but the fact that you can't buy it should justify it :angel:
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Very good remix but yea its true, no release for this song will be made! if you've seen it around, its fake! having it 'unreleased' makes it that much more special :)
no.....this is


Hey Dan - you know Armin. Any chance you could ask him what the story is with this track?
The mix is okay, I hate the original vocal tune.. avb mix ftw

Hey Dan - you know Armin. Any chance you could ask him what the story is with this track?

Probably he just needed a well known dutch female singer to be a guest on armin only. I didn't like her performances, others did. A female singer like tiff lacey would do it for me
Yeah that tune is a killer.
only one i got on my comp is a track labeled
"Ilse De Lange - The Great Escape (Armin Van Buuren Remix) (Marcelo Vieira Readjustment)"