James Holden Tribute Mix


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Apr 3, 2007
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This is for a mix competition over at matthardwick.com - the rules were to choose a producer and compose a set comprising of only their productions/remixes.

James Holden :::::


This is my entry into the mix competition,i chose James Holden as my Producer extraordinaire. James' unique style was a breath of fresh air in '99 / early 2000's ,compared to the influx of mainly generic dutch style trance that was flooding the market - his dubby,bassy,proggy style had a real groove to it,was deeper and required a more intelligent listen, but still incorporated amazing melodic elements and i admire his percussion work a lot - it all blended perfectly..

This mix holds my favourite tracks of his,starting off deep,atmospheric & proggy with 'innerspace' and then onto the almost indie-style track 'come to me',going more upbeat (with his awesome mix of 'Inner Laugh') & driving towards the end,to make the set a bit of a journey for the listener,with the progressive classic 'Horizons',probably his most famous track,and ending with his epic remix of Accadia's 'Into the Dawn' - what i consider to be one the best progressive trance tracks ever,right up there with Sasha's 'Xpander' imo.

Even if you've never really heard his stuff,i recommend to take a listen to this mix & check out his other tracks too - hope you enjoy it & any comments are welcome. ;)

01 James Holden - Break in the Clouds (Fluffapella) [Border Community] (2003)
02 Mainline - Innerspace [Bedrock] (2000)
03 Holden & Thompson - Come to Me [Loaded] (2004)
04 James Holden - Break in the Clouds (Main mix) [Border Community] (2003)
05 Roland Klinkenberg - Inner Laugh (James Holden Remix) [Lost Language] (2000)
06 Holden & Thompson - Nothing (93 Returning mix) [Loaded] (2003)
07 James Holden - Horizons [INCredible] (1999)
08 Accadia - Into the Dawn (James Holden Remix) [Lost Language] (2001)

192Kbps Download LINK >>> http://www.sendspace.com/file/0pqpna

Run Time : 53:37
BPM : 129 to 135

Adam :)