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Jamie Walker - Break The Rules/No Limit - OUT NOW!


Jul 11, 2006
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Defcon's young trance prodigy Jamie Walker brings us his third release on the label with a blistering 2-track EP to cement his reputation as one of the hottest new artists on the scene.

The title track Break The Rules is a classic Jamie Walker track - melodic and uplifting synths complimenting a rock-hard bassline, topped off with a glorious guitar-driven breakdown and powerful arps building up into an incredible climax.

On the flip-side of the EP, Jamie's track No Limit demonstrates his darker credentials with another of his harder efforts. A banging affair with an epic breakdown, this one is made for the late night dancefloor.

All in all this EP promises to please Jamie's rapidly-growing fanbase and win over many new fans at the same time!

Release date:
23rd December 2010 (Audiojelly exclusive)
6th January 2011 (all stores)

Support so far from: Manuel Le Saux, John Askew, Bryan Kearney, Sly One, Jorn van Deynhoven, M.I.K.E., Suzy Solar, Akira Kayosa, Lee Haslam, Ashley Wallbridge, B.E.N, Dave Deen, DJ Ange, Fast Distance, Haris C, Odonbat, Simon Bostock, Lazarus, Paul Gilbson, Cliffy Burrows, Danny Powers, Paul Pearson, Dan Ascherl, Vicky Wood, Space Garden, Brian Rogers, Ernesto vs Bastian, Ex Driver, Karybde And Scylla, Manuel Juvera, Oen Bearen, John Wright, and many more!

Available now at Audiojelly!

Break The Rules EP | Jamie Walker | Defcon Recordings | Single | Download | Audiojelly.com