Jamie Walker - The Next Chapter (FREE TRACK)


Jul 11, 2006
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Defcon Recordings - Jamie Walker - The Next Chapter (FREE TRACK) - SoundCloud

Originally intended for the Defcon Autumn Sampler (due for release later this month), this is one of Jamie's tracks that was lost forever when his computer died before we had chance to render a wav version.

This mp3 is the only thing we have left, and so with Jamie's blessing we've decided to give it away for free as a thank you to everyone who's supported us over the past year :)

Already seen support from Manuel Le Saux and myself, and was the ID - ID track 7 from Back From The Dead 125 too :wink:

Watch out for a new 2-track EP from Jamie coming soon on Defcon as well :banana:

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Too bad this beauty was lost!!!!

Yeah we could have tried to make a wav from the mp3 but it would've been poor quality so not really the proper thing to do :no:

Besides, Jamie just said he'd go back and make some more new anthems instead and he's been true to his word on that too! :music:
Nice tune:super::super::super: