Jay ::. All the wayyy from LEBANON :)


Jul 31, 2007
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Hey guys !!!

Well, iv been going through and scanning this forum all over for the past 2days and i must admit, im pretty INTERESTED!! Seems like so much fun!

I just wanted to introduce myself, so that some of you may know who i am ...

>My name? Its Jay
>Where i come from? Lebanon
>How long have i been mixing? 1year exactly! In other words still a bedroom DJ! & just recently bought new deckss and im soooo happy :) :)
>Type of music i drool too? DARK PROGRESSIVE TECH HOUSE / Techno but at times .. my music sure does sound "Happy" ! (as some call it) hehe!!

>Wanna hear something iv done? Well i thought i might introduce my happy sets at first .. rather then scare u all away :p :p

This one i called "On How Love Is (For the Heart)" ... there is also a PART2 for this set called "On How Love Is (For the Feet)" .. So if you guys likey ... plz dont hesitate to ask for the other D/L Link!!

Here's a DIrect Download link FOR THE HEART --> http://www.thesuc.com/downloads/fortheheart.mp3

TL [0:52:16]

01 :: Feelo _ Saschco
02 :: Minority Resistance _ Marc O'Tool
03 :: Moan (Trentemoller Dub Remix) _ Trentemoller
04 :: Can You Feel It (Masi & Mello's Late Nite Fix) _ Angel Manuel, Mr.Fingers
05 :: Turning the Curve (Simon & Shaker Remix) _ Benz, MD
06 :: Forum Of Love (D-Formation Remix) _ PG2, David Ferro
07 :: Affectation (Dousk Dub Electro) _ Chriss Nemo, Andree Eskay
08 :: Unbelievable _ David Lara
09 :: In Control (Chris Micali Dub) _ Vibrasphere

... Hopefully you guys enjoy this. And i sure am looking forward to get to know most of you if not all of you (but that will take time :p hehe )

NB. for some reason this set is at 160bit rate .. i dont usually record at 160 but god knows why this one is at this rate. SO plzzz excuse me for that but i promise, if i get along here pretty well, the next ones are all at 192 not more not less !

CHEEERS beautiful people!!!
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