Jonas Steur feat. Jennifer Rene - Falling Into Pieces

Luke Blanc

Aug 26, 2006
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I have no questions xD
Beauty vocal !!!!!!!! I love all track with vocal Jennifer Rene...
Jonas And Rennifer cool idea xD I w8 for next production and maybe in soon Armin Van Buuren Feat. Jennifer Rene :) it will be great :)
yup. I agree with Distant
It's true guys maybe track is boring but vocal is great and make up all track.
Hmm I think that great remix with this vocal will be remix by Andy Moor :D
agree Laan and Distan it's boring nothing special...
Don't like this one. Vocals are decent but the rest is just afwul. Too bad, because Jonas sure has the capabilities of producing solid tracks but this one is horrible compared to tracks like Castamara, Second Turn, Sonrisa and more.
We all know Jonas only did this record for the sex with Jennifer
i would too, can you blame him ffs? :p

1. No, you can't blame him for that
2. There wasn't any sex involved :lmao:
3. I like the track, love the vocals by jennifer, but it's not direclty what I would spin myself live, but in radio sets you can spin about everything :p
4. Track will get seperate release on Black Hole Recordings
5. Remix? ehm, if there would be any it wouldn't be done by any typical producers anyway (don't expect remixes from the ones who did previous jennifer rene tracks)