JOOF on the DJ Mag 100

pretty good article... took some time to read, but I guess he is right about a few things. Maybe other can comment better, it is a long article with strong points.
He seems like a guy who does it more for the love of music rather than the money...the DJ Mag poll is absolute bullshit (I know plenty of people who voted based on people's albums and tracks rather than their sets)

I'd like to see a ranking done by "experts" who've actually seen these people and evaluated their voting, no campaigning, just DJ Mag sends a guy to a few gigs from all the major DJs, and they come up with their own ranking. It would take a lot of work for the magazine, but people pay for it, so they better get off of their asses and do some real reporting.

Btw, if anyone has an hour to spend, you might want to check out this video of fleming going through a remix:

John 'OO' Fleming in the studio
J00F has been one of the biggest critics of the poll (along with Sander Kleinenberg).

As far as ranking by live sets like xruntime said...I think a lot of people don't get to see all of their favorite DJ's spin live. I am one of these people. It's hard to say who the "best" DJ is when you haven't seen 90% of them spin live recently. That's why I think people evaluate DJ's using albums, radio shows, etc...