JzL - Piano in Trance (Robert Miles vs JzL Reconstruction)

can i say what i think?? :mask:

I think it's a little too much piano, maybe. But you can still hear it's the trance style in it, and not just some junk :)
A very relaxed track, I would agree that the piano is overpowering the trance beat a bit too much, but overall a good track. Nice work m8.
levels to high ? or just too much piano
levels to high ? or just too much piano

The levels in my opinion. I like the piano, as I said it's a very chilled out track and the piano adds to that very well, just need to turn up the trance a bit and the piano down a bit. Maybe not 50/50 though, the piano should still be over the trance beat I think. Just in my opinion of course.
i'll play with em tonight and send you a link :)

I really appreciate everyone's opinion rather its good or not .. helps me develop :) And nothing is better than having listeners get the first dib on input :P