Klauss Pelaez' Submission for AH.FM Residency

Klauss Pelaez

Jul 24, 2006
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My name is Klauss Pelaez and I am a DJ from Miami, FL, USA. I am 17 years of age and I spin Electronic Dance Music, especializing in Trance & Progressive. I am currently host of two spectacualr radio shows, "Translation Into Trance" , which I run on my own, and "Miami Trance Sessions" , with my friend and fellow DJ, Luis Gurdian under the guise "Gurdian & Pelaez". I have 3 years of experience as a DJ, starting about 1 year and a half ago as a Electronic DJ.

Well, I have tried to get on Afterhours.FM in the past with my show "A Translation Into Trance, but was unable to due to the fact that is a syndicated show on various other websites.
Recently, I have seen the thread in regards to AH.FM stealing DJ's and the such and I must say I totally disagree with the claims, and YES, it is up to the DJ to decide where and for who he plays. Being a resident of Tracklists.ca and SENSEGENERATE.FM, it is solely my decision to come here and hopefully become a resident here as well.

Anyways, here is my most recent promotional mix for your enjoyment and judging.

December 2006 Promotional Mix, Mixed by Klauss Pelaez

1. Dave Gahan - I Need You [Gabriel & Dresden's Unplugged Mix] (Mute)
2. Santiago Niño - Believe [Max Graham's Sidechain Remix] (Aurium)
3. Leon Bolier pres. Surpresa - Bonaire (ASOT)
4. Mirco de Govia - Vital Spark (Euphonic)
5. Tania Mann & Peter Dafnous pres. Apollonia - Remote Kontrol (Enhanced)
6. Nu-NRG - Last Experience [Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix] (Monster Tunes)
7. Second Sun - Empire [TPOD Mix by Paul Van Dyk] (Vandit)
8. Fabb'X - Amsterdam (Alpha Omega)
9. Emjay - Real High (High Contrast)

Click Here To Download

I am interested in having a show EXCLUSIVE to Afterhours.FM. I currently have experience in DJing radio shows. (Host of "A Translation Into Trance" on two other stations).
Please download this mix and tell me what you think.

Feel free to contact me on my email:

Thanks alot for your time,
Downloading it..