Lazarus - September Demo Mix

Jul 11, 2006
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Thought I'd share my new demo mix with you all :)

Leama vs Madonna - Frozen Waterdrop (MDB's Forgotten mash-up)
Progression - Different Day, Different Light (extended mix) [Songbird]
Taxigirl - Highglow [Songbird]
Acute vs Aimar - Still Waters (Danilo Ercole progressive mix) [Noys]
Nick Thompson - Spice Fire [Armada]
Mike Shiver & Elevation - Hurricane (Maor Levi remix) [Captured Digital]
Aurora - Hear You Calling (James Alexander remix)
Memoir - What Could Have Been [Digitised Recordings]
Aerodrome - Tribute To The Past [Trance Revolution Recordings]
Super8 & Tab - Suru [Anjunabeats]
Aerium vs Tiesto & Jes - Dolphins vs Everything (XiJaro mash-up)
Eddie Sender - Internal Desire [Wildchild Digital]
Loverush UK meets Kirsty Hawkshaw - Loverush (Sam Ho remix) [Loverush Digital]
Evbointh - One Wish (Daniel Kandi & Mark Andrez remix) [Anjunabeats]
Roman Sokolovsky - Nostalgia [Clermont Music]
Mike Nichol - Morning Kiss [Infrasonic]
Terk Dawn - Barent Blue [Well Mixed]
Static Blue - Aerial [Elevation]
Mike Nichol - Durado [Infrasonic]
Deems - Tears Of Hope (Aly & Fila remix) [Flux Delux]
Steve Birch & Marcie - Edge Of The Ocean [Insatiable]
Tetrazone - Open Range [Ampire Digital]
Sean Tyas - Drop [Discover]
Artix vs Glacial Storm - The Answer (Astea Black mix) [Royal Tek]
Vincent de Moor - Fly Away (Sean Tyas remix) [Cloud 9 Dance]
Siberian Sun - Frostbite [Dedicated]

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Lazarus - September Demo Mix

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