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May 14, 2006
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I am Joe Kurve. Been messin' with music for about 13 years now, working on my fourth solo album and have worked on dozens of other unkown projects. :D I love psytrance, but any kind of I can love, as long as it's good, ya know. I hate the norm...I strive to do "my thing."

Recently I have released a track that was my pet project for probably a little too long, but it seems to have been worth it. It's very high energy psytrance, but has some crazy stuff in it that can be only described (by me, of course) as pure jammin'. It grabbed the #2 spot on my site (ArtistServer.com) very fast, and is recieving great reviews. Have a listen....it's definitely odd...CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is wanted....constructive means if you don't like it tell me why...otherwise your statement falls on deaf ears... :D

"The Other"
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Joe Kurve
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Great track man,

It really is pretty trippy. But in my opinion, if you slow it down a tad it will sound a little more men***ing. Also tone down your lows, they seem to wash out all the background tripiness. Overall i think its awesome the way it is overall, i dont know too much about psy-trance but i know what i hate, and i dont hate this at all.

Also, what do you use for production? I think there are better tools for you out there! So take this critique and improve it. it does not need too much more improvement...

Keep up the great work....

Sasha Pidann
Thanks for the suggestions...I shall remember for future tracks....once i release a song I don't usually go back and mess with it, i'd rather just do better next time.

As far as equipment....yamaha RS-7000 and Motif8, Korg EMX-1....soon will be purchasing an alesis fusion....
Hi Joe and welcome!

I actually quite like your track. I'm an old psy/goa lover from way back. Man With No Name is still one of my favourite goa producers.

Let me listen to it a few more times and I will leave my feedback.
As far as I can find I think this was the first song to be uploaded into this thread on 14-5-06 And I suspect anyway its a been while since anybody gave it a listen.

Though not a big fan of Psy trance, this tune is quite banging and sounds pretty good to me:grinning:
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