Ljungqvist - Yellow Walls/Last Words I Hear You Say [BTP-121]


Dec 28, 2006
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Ljungqvist* - Yellow Walls / Last Word I Hear You Say
Label: Bonzai Trance Progressive
Catalog#: BTP-121-2006
Format: File, MP3
Country: Belgium
Released: 06 Dec 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive Trance
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Submitted by: z33k

1 Yellow Walls (Original Mix) (7:46)
2 Last Word I Hear You Say (Original Mix) (8:14)

Quote is taken from www.discogs.com. Here are my thoughts about the track:

1: Yellow Walls: It starts with a rather different beat/kick than we are normally used to the productions of Joni Ljungqvist. Very soon there is a background melody in the track and it becomes more interesting. Short break with a melody and some added sounds and synths. Beat slowly comes back and it really has my interest now. After a while of this pattern, there is thé break. Beat stops and all you can hear is the wonderful, relaxing melody of the track. The melody get's more depth and I really love the melody Joni has set up here. New, amazing background sounds and the beat slowly comes back when the melody get's to the background. Then there is a kick/beat and the track is going further in style with the awesome melody, background sounds and beats. More, athmospheric sounds are added and now I'm even whisteling along with the melody. This goes on for a while and it doesn't get bored. Then the end is near when the melody fades away.

In total, a great production! Relaxing, smooth melody and it really calms you down. It's a different sound than what Joni normally produces but I think that this tune is great nonetheless.

2: Last Words I Hear You Say: This one starts with a typical Joni sound. Amazing sound if you ask me. Percussion, synths, background sounds and everything are already there in the first minute. After a minute, there is a totally different approach. There is more bass and some sounds are gone. The synth remains but two new, amazing sounds are added. One is the melody and it is a typical, lovely melody which Joni always does. Background sound is the second and that is also something which you can immediately tell that this is Joni's work. Then there is the break. What a break! Great athmosphere and the melody goes on, which is a fantastic melody. Synth get's back and the beat also slowly comes back. Then there is a moment when the beat fades away again and only the melody get's left behind. But then there is an amazing comeback with the beat/kick. The track goes on with the beats/kicks, melody and more sounds. Great package! This takes a while and at a certain point the background sound goes away but comes back a short period after that. The track goes on with some changes every now and then. Then the melody with the synth, then the melody alone and some other variations too. The end is in sight when the melody and other sounds fade away and the bass get's less. A short outro and the track is finished.

In total, amazing production! Typical Joni Ljungqvist style. Great melody, great sounds and it's just a superb production. Great work by Joni.