Magdelayna - Moments of Energy 013 [Full Download]


Moments of Energy
Apr 3, 2007
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Hi guys,,this episode marks one year of 'Moments of Energy' so far...the 'past classic' this month is one of my favourite vocal progressive tracks ever,ive also paid a little tribute to Eric Tadla, who sadly passed away a few weeks ago - ive included a couple of remixes he did with Randy Boyer,one of which was one of my favourite tracks of last year.

Any feedback/comments appreciated,hope you enjoy it :super:

Moments of Energy 013 ::::::::

01 Sunlounger & Zara - Lost [Armind]
02 Sarah McLachlan - Fallen (Gabriel & Dresden mix) [Arista] *past classic*
03 Cerf,Mitiska & Jaren - You Never Said (Randy Boyer & Eric Tadla mix)
04 Magdelayna vs. RMG - Back to the Stars [Greenspot Music]
05 Rapha - Pandora (Eddie Sender mix) [CD-R]
06 INXS - Afterglow (Randy Boyer & Eric Tadla mix) [CD-R]
07 Magdelayna - Navagio [CD-R]
08 Vengeance - Temptation (Denga & Manus mix) [ASOT]

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Adam :music:
thanks for sharing w/us!