Makore - Vol 9 (House style + trance)


Mar 22, 2008
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Name: Makore

Style of music played: electro house, progressive house and some electro-trance (in this session). Also I like trance, techno, tech house or minimal.

I am only an amateur dj. I don't have turntables o I do it through the PC. I want to share what I love.

Comment: As always I'm not very pleased because there are something I don't like.. I hope you enjoy the themes and the line of session.


Glenn Morrison - Contact (original)
Olivier Giacomotto - Gail in the O (John Acquaviva & Damon Jee)
David Amo & Julio Navas vs Les Schmitz - Positive (original)
Electronic Pirates feat Rebeka Brown - Kinda girl (Montilla)
Deux - The time is now (J Louis, Ferran Benavent & Taito TIkaro)
Les Schmitz & Oliver Schmitz - Shake (BCN)
Sia - The girl you lost to cocaine (Sander van Doorn)
D.O.N.S. & Kadoc - The night train (D.O.N.S. vs DBN in on board)
In N Out - Ibiza Barcelona (original)
Bass Kleph - Bump uglies (original)
Wardt - Show my shuffle (original)
Alex Kunnari - Lifter (original)
Wamdue Project - King of my castle (Sander van Doorn)
White Label - Lowis rebirth (unknown)

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ps: If you want some track IDs don't hesitate to ask me!

all of them would be good ;)
all of them would be good ;)

hehe thanks!

after writting I've seen the post in the forum, then i've posted the tracklist, special attention for: Kunnari - Lifter :bow: