Marco18's first set for important audience - April 2008

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Mar 13, 2008
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Marco18's first set for important audience (=you!) - April 2008

Dear people on!

Last weekend I found the time to make a mix of recent and less recent tunes I've heard here or somewhere else. :wow:

I hope you'll enjoy it, i.e. I hope that I've heard tracks you didn't notice but still like :lol:. Any feedback, also what you're thinking about the transitions, is welcome. :mask:

=> Tracklist below
=> In the zip-file I've also a CUE-sheet included, for easy listening :)

One more thing must be said: I'm not at all a DJ, but a MJ, => M for Mp3. From time to time I like it to "copy and paste" some music together for my friends, so that they also learn what nice trancemusic is! And... to play them only loooong extended or original versions doesn't work, I noticed... Thus I have to mix something together to keep them listening ;) Actually, I think this is my 5th mix or so, but my 1st for really important people => I mean: for YOU!

Well... Enjoy! :)

Best regards,
MJ Marco18


Encoded: Lame MP3 v.3.98-beta4 to 192kbits/sec, 44100 Hz samplerate
Length: 79:54
Tracks: 12
BPM: 139.5 to 137, back to ~138.5
Mix File size: 115,068,022 bytes
Zip File size: 114,144,565 bytes
Md5 checksum Zip file: 0751d59382b178545ef878a3ff30d91d

=> Download Here! (and have fun :music:)


format: artist(s) - track name [Remixer] (comment from me)

1. Med vs. Neil Bamford - One [Sunset RMX] (Used a set rip from Manuel Le Saux)
2. David West feat. Orkidea - God's Garden
3. Dyor - Emotions [Second Emotion Mix]
4. Quivver - Surin [Original Mix]
5. High Noon at Salinas - Celebration [Global Experience RMX]
6. (Piet) Blank & (Jaspa) Jones - The Hardest Heart [Joshua Cunningham 2007 RMX]
7. The Doppler Effect - Beauty Hides in the Deep [The Blizzard Intro Mix] (ASOT set rip used)
8. Aeden - Lost & Found (<-- Who knew this one ?)
9. Armin van Buuren vs. Lange - If You Should Go Songless [Victorias Secret Mashup]
10.Topher Jones - Refinary [Original Mix] (<-- And... who knew this one ?) (maybe less unknown than 8.)
11.Woody van Eyden & Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Michelle Citrin - Turn It On [Sean Tyas RMX]
12.Add2Basket & Interplay - Summer Is Back [Original Mix] (Oh? I didn't notice... It's still cold here.. :( )
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i like it ^_^

amazing track selection man.

Thanks for the kind messages (also the private ones :hug:) and I'm glad to see that no one has voted the last option of the poll ;)

Best regards and again thanks for the responses! :grinning: